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Changing Websites & Changing Lives: The Story of West San Gabriel Valley

Published On: May 18, 2022

After over 100 years of serving as a trustworthy partner for their community, the YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley was put to the test in the wake of COVID-19. They did not waver from their mission to support their community, and instead chose to embrace them with compassion as they weathered the storm together.

With recovery on the horizon, they wanted to come back stronger than ever. That meant expanding their reach online, but they knew there was so much more to telling their story than what their website offered.

Connection is at the heart of their operation, and they share their story with everyone that walks through their doors. They needed a site that reflected that experience and the diversity of their community.

“Telling the story is not just 2022, it’s 1912 to 2022 to beyond, so it’s important that we don’t lose who we are, what we’re doing now, and where we’re going.” – Valarie Gomez, CEO of the YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley

To accomplish their goal, the YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley needed a technology partner who shared their passion for putting people first. They chose to grow their relationship with Daxko to develop a site where their community feels welcome and unified.

“I could call [Daxko] and I could get somebody. I loved that they’d call me back. That’s very important to a small Y and a CEO that wears so many hats,” says Valarie Gomez.

“I truly believe that if people connected with Daxko, they’d see the humanity of the company because I know that’s there. A lot of people would look at any company as just a brand or a name, but there’s so much more to Daxko.”  – Valarie Gomez, CEO of the YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley

The YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley’s CEO, Valarie Gomez, and President of the Board of Directors, Kathy Kopp, sat down with Daxko to talk about their digital journey. Be sure to view the video below to see how they’re using digital storytelling to connect with their community.

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