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The New Lead Management Tool in Daxko Engage

Published On: Jun 16, 2021

One of the strategies that kept organizations afloat during the pandemic is now the key to growing impact on communities moving forward. A broad approach to prospecting helped organizations maintain connections with their community during times of isolation. With so much opportunity in revenue streams, diversity, and inclusivity, prospecting ultimately broadens your community impact. To take full advantage of every opportunity you have for growth, you need a tool that assists you through the entire marketing funnel and membership lifecycle journey. With new Lead Management in Daxko Engage, you’ll have tools to help automate, increase efficiency, and drive success at each step of the prospecting process.

More Than Membership Revenue

Prospecting is often viewed as something specific to new member enrollment. But with Daxko Engage Lead Management, you’ll be able expand your prospecting efforts to boost revenue throughout your YMCA, JCC or community. With these tools, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily manage targeted communication to improve conversion rates
  • Drive fundraising and donation growth
  • Grow program participation
  • Increase child care enrollment
  • Expand member retention and new member joins
  • Streamline staff/internal processes

A Clearer Picture

With the Daxko Engage Lead Management tool, you will find new abilities for snapshot views of the entire prospecting funnel. From the nitty gritty details to a high-level perspective on operations, you’ll have an easier time managing workflows and boosting revenue for the entire organization.

How Does It Work?

Daxko Engage makes it simple to capture prospects and identify target audience groups based on member type and past history. All this information is stored in one centralized database. After segmenting target groups, the Lead Management tool allows you to set up a custom workflow with messaging templates for multiple communication channels. There is always flexibility to tailor the automation and deliver messages at certain times, or alter prospect paths based on their actions and response. Finally, easy-to-understand reporting provides information on lead status, dropped leads, and converted leads so you get a full picture of your success.

With an ever-changing world, securing prospects through each step of the funnel is increasingly important. Ensuring your community is engaged in the happenings of your organization is central to having an impact on people’s lives. This is why a tool that automates and organizes workflows around prospect engagement is vital to your mission. To learn more, connect with a specialist today.

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