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Taking Corporate Memberships Online

Published On: Sep 22, 2015

For years YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers have concentrated their centers around pockets of population. This is logical thinking since the biggest predictor of those who actually attend their current fitness facility is convenience according to the 2014  Nielson Consumer Exercise Trends Survey. However, this poses an interesting dilemma for corporate members since employees don’t always live near a facility or work predictable hours. Member-based nonprofits would like to attract more corporate members and a secondary online wellness experience would help them do that by providing a chance for corporations to improve their employee wellness in partnership with a YMCA, JCC, or community center no matter where they live or their work hours. This additional membership option would also appeal to:

  • Those who can’t attend classes at a set time but still want that group exercise “experience”
  • Busy professionals who want to get back into the game but don’t have a lot of time
  • Corporate members that don’t live near a facility
  • Parents with kids who need to schedule fitness around their childcare schedules.

We don’t see this solution as a detriment to traditional memberships, in fact, a strong virtual offering can enhance and nurture your facility memberships. Take, for example, a corporate member that works near a facility but doesn’t live near one. A virtual wellness experience makes a great addition and allows them to work out close to work on days they are at the office and and at home on other days. It can include things like branded videos, content, fitness advice and a virtual trainer.A good online option is one that is “sticky” or includes features that will really engage participants. For example, a goal-focused option provides an initial wellness assessment that includes a basic fitness test and a measurable way to track improvements over time. A good online option also includes features a member can’t normally get with a traditional membership like personalized meal plans and shopping lists. Including the nutrition component of wellness makes taking their membership into the virtual world an attractive option that expands a traditional facility or corporate membership. Ready to take the next step? Daxko is piloting an online membership option for organizations like yours. Contact us to learn more.

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