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Serving Your Mission: October Recap

Published On: Oct 29, 2020

The last year has taught us how to be ready for anything. You’ve navigated closing, re-openings, and additional measures to keep your community safe. You were there, even with a smaller staff on hand, to serve your community. It’s been overwhelming, but you’ve steadfast through it all.

That’s why we love partnering with YMCAs and JCCs. You deserve tools that make it easier to deliver experiences that matter to your community.

You deserve a partner who understands your challenges.

When we knew COVID-19 was going to completely change our world, we moved as fast as we could to provide tools and support as you continued serving your community. We made it our mission to develop the best tools for you to serve your ever-changing world including:

  • Developing new tools to support critical needs, like being able to limit facility capacity.
  • Offering free product trials to use our solutions at no cost, to aid in your recovery plan.
  • Providing financial relief to our customers to help make it through facility closures.
  • Providing resources, including a Re-Opening Playbook, product guides, and a Recover Together web series.

Functionality Developed

Schedule a Visit Beta

You need a way to limit capacity within the facility as well as within areas of the facility.  Our team has developed a solution to assist associations by providing a member experience that allows a family to schedule visits in less than two minutes. We are offering Beta Access to all associations until Q4 of 2020. Associations will be able to try out this feature and offer feedback without first adding on Daxko Operations Scheduling functionality.

Membership Promotions

We know that you have a focus on increasing memberships every year, but that goal is more urgent than ever in this second half of 2020. We want to remove the manual work required to set up and manage promotions that reduce monetary barriers for those joining your association.

Virtual Areas

Members are actively seeking web content (videos, articles, etc.) for health and wellness at home. While some content may be available to anyone visiting your website, you may want to craft custom experiences for specific web content. This release combines the business rules that you choose for who can access content with the validation of a virtual check-in.

Document Storage

You need a solution that enables you and your members to manage those forms digitally. Empower your team to quickly access member forms digitally by storing documents on their membership profile in Daxko Operations.


  • Branch and Area Capacity
  • Convert Payments & Fees to Donations
  • Facility Usage Comparison Report
  • Updated Signatures- Membership Agreements

Resources Provided

Re-Opening Playbook

Daxko gathered a distinguished panel of medical experts and industry leaders to discuss re-opening and operating safely in the new COVID reality. Daxko documented the panel’s collective thinking in the Re-Opening Playbook, a 47-page guide for your team.

Download the playbook here!

Rapid Recovery Guides, Tutorials, and Webinars

  • Navigating COVID-19
  • Fundraising in the Midst of COVID-19
  • Managing Chargebacks Due to COVID-19
  • Engagement Strategies to Re-Open Strong
  • Outsourcing Payments Management
  • Donor Toolkit- Data and Tools to Power your Team
  • Safely Re-Opening your Nonprofit & Operating in the “New Normal”
  • Best Practices for Limiting Capacity at Your Facility
  • Cut Costs + Streamline Processes: Daxko Operations Utilization Report
  • Reshaping Your Member Journey
  • Scheduling a Visit

View recordings here!

The Accelerant Podcast

  • Making Effective Decisions: Re-Opening at YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids
  • Everyone is a Fundraiser with YMCA of Pittsburgh’s CDO
  • Continuum of Care During COVID-19 with YMCA of Pikes Peak Region CMO
  • Comfort Zone to Creativity: Supporting Community Through Crisis with the YMCA of Metro Atlanta’s CEO
  • More than a Fitness Floor: Finding Meaning with the Levite JCC
  • Real Life, Remotely with Amber Richard of Open Y
  • Achieve, Relate, Belong: Navigating a Path During COVID-19 with the CEO of YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

Listen to our podcast here!

Hear from your peers!

YMCA of Central Ohio Found Freedom

“Being able to work with a partner like Daxko, where there are years of knowledge and experience built in and baked into the product, we felt even more supported from day one.” – Brad McCain, CFO of the YMCA of Central Ohio

YMCA of the East Bay’s Merger Success

“What we were looking for was an organization that was looking to go from good to great with us, and we found that in Daxko.” – Mike Cassidy, VP of Operations at the YMCA of the East Bay

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