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Rapid Recovery Data: Nonprofit Health and Wellness Trends

Published On: May 21, 2020By

Since COVID-19 began to impact the non-profit health and wellness world, the Daxko team has been collecting, analyzing, and reporting weekly data trends for our customers. This week, we are sharing these insights with everyone in The Movement.

We are fighting for you, as you are fighting for your members. In addition to these weekly trends, Daxko encourages you to check out the Rapid Recovery Toolkit and the industry leading Re-OpeningPlaybook.

Membership Trends

Last week, we saw over 200,000 units taken off hold.

Membership trends continue to show similar positive numbers. Active memberships have increased compared to last week. We expect that is because many branches are reopening, and members are moving their memberships off hold. Additionally, YMCAs and JCCs who have not reopened are moving members back to active as we approach the June draft.

Membership Score since COVID-19 shutdowns began:

  • 74.8% still active
  • 16.7% on hold
  • 8.5% terminated

Since the start of COVID-19, there have been 363,021 terminated units in the non-profit market. Experts estimate that this number could be as high as five million across the total health and wellness industry. These members are orphaned and will be looking for a fitness community to join. Your team needs to be thinking about how to win back these members and provide membership offerings that meet their new normal.

Learn how we can help you acquire those new members.

Impact on Revenue

Since COVID-19 began, total revenue across all Daxko Operations customers is down 48.1%.

While that number is important to be aware of, it is vital to look outside of COVID-19 and see how you are doing year-to-date. Our customers had an incredibly strong start to the year in January which helped us during these past few months. Total revenue for Daxko Operations customers in 2020 across all revenue sources (membership, childcare, programs, and donations) is only down 20.42% compared to last year. That is a total of $341.5M dollars lost. On a bright note, “pledges paid” have also increased 87% compared to last week as well as increased 65% compared to last year. This is an additional boost to 2020 revenues.


Now that gyms across the country are starting to reopen, we have started tracking national check-ins. We are up to 97.4K check-ins compared to 54.9K last week. That is still down 97.6% compared to last year, but we are starting to see movement again. We expect this to increase week after week and we will watch that number grow together. More and more branches are continuing to open. Around 20% of Daxko Operations customers have opened and are tracking check-ins either in their branch or via Daxko’s new virtual check-ins.


Many of you are starting to reopen childcare, camp, and programs as well. As a result, childcare registrations have increased 5% compared to last week, and program registrations are up 46% compared to last week.

What does that mean for childcare revenue? Daxko Operations customers are almost to April’s childcare revenue total with still two weeks left in MayIn April, total revenue for customers was $32.8M. Month-to-date, we are already at $28.4MDespite being down 60.1% compared to 2019, we are reopening and seeing positive movement.

Leverage this data as you begin to strategize the safest ways to reopen your facility and recover strong. Thank you for your leadership as we fight through this challenging time together!

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