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NPS Score vs. Comments: Where Do I Focus?

Published On: Oct 8, 2014

Daxko Engage with Impact Drivers implemented the Net-Promoter Score in the Membership Survey to help organizations improve their relationships with their members. The survey is made up of two simple questions. The first asks the member to rank, on a scale of 0-10, whether they would recommend the organization to friends and family. The second question is simply a clarifying question of why they chose that ranking. The result is a general feel of loyalty (the score) and details on what you are doing right and what needs improvement (the comments).The Net Promoter score, itself, can and should be used to motivate you to become more focused on improving the experience of your members. The score is the heart of a Net Promoter System℠, but you can’t take action if you don’t know why a customer is or is not likely to recommend.The comments are what allows an organization to understand the Voice of Customer (VOC). In order to focus on reducing the number of members who are Detractors and Passives you need to understand what drives members’ views on recommendation. This comes from the comments.Did you know that Promoters account for 80 percent of referrals in most businesses while, Detractors account for 80 percent of negative word-of-mouth.What should you do with the results?

  • Sort -Automatically sort responses into “detractors”, “passives” and “promoters”
  • Delve- Determine why respondents feel the way they do
  • Correct- Contact members to learn how to correct problems and capitalize on successes
  • Connect- Build meaningful relationships with members in all 3 groups and improve perceptions
  • Track- Document the changes you make based on comments and conversations.       Then, monitor the score to see the value of changes made over time.
  • Highlight-Shout, post, print, tweet everything you have done to make your organization the “one”.

So, to answer the question “where do I focus?”: In my certified Net Promoter Associate opinion, the comments, but only if you want to make real change. The sole purpose of the score is to help you get buy in from your team to keep making changes and to show the results of your efforts. The score without a comment, however, is just a number.

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