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#NextLevel Service

Published On: Jun 13, 2018By

As the head of Services, I recognize that with every process a business installs, if the customer is not at the center of it, the process is fundamentally flawed. Understanding this concept, this year’s Services rallying cry is “#NextLevel”, and it focuses on how we can look inward, assess how we serve you, and drive improvements that elevate your experience and partnership with us.

That’s why we’ve completely enhanced our existing feedback process to ensure that you are heard, and more importantly, that you see RESULTS. You’re taking your time to provide us with advice and opportunities, we’re ensuring we utilize it. We’re taking our NPS surveys to the #NextLevel.

This past quarter, we sent out the NPS survey, requesting you to tell us on a scale of 0-10, how likely you are to recommend us to a friend or colleague. From those results, and the subsequent follow-up calls with you and your teams, we have put together several initiatives to address both immediately, and long-term, the incredible opportunities for improvement identified by YOU. Some of these initiatives are outlined below:

Visibility & Efficiency: To ensure you have greater clarity into the status of your service requests and less repeats, we’re redefining our internal Service Level Expectations to ensure more updates to your organization. We’re also improving our standards to ensure you do not spend time repeating things you’ve already provided.

Self-Service: You’ve asked to have more resources at your fingertips for help with problems encountered, so we’re focused on generating new material that is tied to requests generated by you. We’re in the process of migrating to a new Knowledgebase that allows access to training content and materials to help your business thrive along with exploring a Community offering for peer-to-peer best practice.

Presence: Ensuring you hear from us, and when you do, it’s valuable. We’re creating a quarterly newsletter dedicated to exciting news, updates on initiatives focused on you, upcoming webinars, etc.

UPPing our Game: We want you have the tools necessary to fully utilize your platform and optimize how you use it, so we’re launching a “Re-UPP (Unlocking Your Product Potential)” webinar series focused on areas of the software that you requested richer knowledge.

Payment Services: To fully equip your team to recognize the value of our Payment Services offerings from launch to eternity, we will be providing Card Account Updater FAQ documentation so you have more information on the solution and how it can improve your business. You will also see below, we are adding a “Leveraging your DPS Solution” series of webinars to our Re-UPP campaign available to all customers.

These are just a few of the initiatives we’ve launched based on your feedback to help us take our service experience to the #NextLevel.  Not only are we committed to ensuring we action your feedback from every survey submitted, we’re making those actions and outcomes visible to you! A follow-up program will be in place to ensure you can maintain visibility into these efforts and how we’re progressing towards completion.

Our rallying cry allows us to ensure we’re reminding you, with every interaction with our services team, why you chose us as your software and business partner. Our ask to you is simple, keep the feedback coming! Leverage our NPS survey (completed 2 times a year) or utilize our case closure surveys and tell us how we can continue to improve! Thank you for being part of this growth with us!

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