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NAYDO Webinar Series: Multi-Year Donor Commitments

Published On: Mar 29, 2022By

Daxko is a proud sponsor of the NAYDO webinar series. In March, John Nitardy, Senior Vice President for Advancement at the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, shared his presentation “Multi-Year Commitments.” Soliciting the same annual gifts won’t help you bring in new donors. In his presentation, Nitardy shared how you can use multi-year commitments to strengthen donor relationships and gather the funds you need to grow your YMCA.

Secure Funds for the Future

Annual gifts will support you now, but what about next year? Relying on annual gifts increases the risk that donors won’t re-up the following year. You can decrease that risk by engaging donors in multi-year commitments. Your funding is more secure when you extend your donor relationships over multiple years.

Spend More Time Identifying New Donors

You need new donors to grow your YMCA. Soliciting the same annual gifts each year won’t help you develop new relationships. You can relieve the burden of annual solicitations by engaging your existing donors in multi-year commitments. With more time on your plate, you can focus on identifying new donors and developing relationships.

Strengthen Your Donor Relationships

Strong relationships are the key to fundraising, but annual solicitation doesn’t leave you with much time to connect with donors. Multi-year commitments give you the freedom to focus on stewarding authentic relationships. Your donors will be more engaged when you can connect with them in a more impactful way.

For more tips on how you can use multi-year commitments to support your YMCA, be sure to view the entire webinar below:

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