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Member Engagement Within Your Walls

Published On: Oct 28, 2020

At the heart of solid relationships is the need for ongoing and personalized touch points. Regular communication with a member over time results in a strong and engaged relationship. In-person conversations are particularly important. But, it’s not just about how often your staff connects with a member, it’s also about the quality of their conversations. Do you know how many conversations staff is having with members? Do you know what those conversations are about? Implementing the right processes with your team supports tracking important touch points and member interests that increase member engagement.

While quality is most important –there is also a magic quantitative formula for successful member conversations. The average director should have a minimum of three in-person conversations per day and part-time staff work toward 3-5 in-person conversations per shift as a best practice. These interactions should fit into three categories: fitness and health goals, discovering the member’s passion, and relationship building.

Industry research tells us that health and wellness centers see the best success rates for new member engagement when staff interacts with a new member 10-12 times in the first 120 days after they join. These interactions can be a combination of in-person conversations, phone calls, and personalized emails. Finding the right technology to support these interactions streamlines and automates processes for a systematic and efficient in-person engagement method.

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