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Member Engagement: 3 Tips to Get Started

Published On: Apr 21, 2014

To communicate with your members effectively, it helps to know how engaged they are. The message for a highly engaged member is going to look different from the message for a member who is not engaged.We have come up with 3 tips to help coordinate a community and member engagement program. Prioritizing the members that need to hear from you the most as well as identifying a targeted message will help you see greater success in engagement.

1. Define Member Engagement Metrics

Consistently measuring the same engagement metrics allows you to make smarter decisions about communicating with your members. Some of the most important metrics are: frequency of attendance, program participation, volunteer status, and donor history.

2. Apply Metrics Across Your Membership

Now that you’ve identified your metrics, you need to apply them across your entire organization. Utilizing a tool to quickly identify members with different engagement levels will help you hone in on the ones that require immediate action.

3. Prioritize your Message and Activities

Members that are more likely to terminate (not actively taking advantage of their membership) should receive a personal call to set up a facility tour or an email showcasing all that your organization has to offer, as well as easy ways to get involved.Members that are involved could receive a targeted message explaining the mission of the YMCA. This audience is a potentially untapped pool of volunteers and donors.

Daxko Engage software now offers an Engagement Index which includes not just the engagement parameters outlined above, but also takes into account demographics and even seasonal factors that can effect membership. Users know at a glance which members are at risk and which members just need a little boost in the right direction.

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