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Maintaining Good Data: The Added Benefits for Members

Published On: Apr 16, 2013By

In your everyday process, your organization is mining data. And if you have proper SOPs in place, you’re mining good data. But have you ever wondered: what’s in it for members? From providing everything from their email addresses to their birth dates, there are many happy returns for their sharing of information with you.

Email Addresses

A member can’t do anything online with your organization if they haven’t provided their email address. Make sure you explain, for example, the benefits of using online account management, or the fact they’re missing out on any emailed promotions or discounts. Consider canvassing members via a calling campaign to gather email addresses, or setting up alerts in your system to prompt staff to ask for them upon the member’s check-in.

Expiring Credit Cards

Through online account management, members have the ability to update their payment information online and avoid an embarrassing collections conversation with your organization. But have you told them? It can be overwhelming and time consuming to update member billing information, which is why we offer full-service billing powered by Gains.

Age Notifications

It’s important to ensure the right people are the right membership type, or you could miss out on some revenue. Running reports can help your organization stay on top of changing memberships due to age. If you find it’s time to upgrade a membership, be sweet about it—do it in conjunction with a happy birthday message to the member.

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