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Is Your Camp Software Parent-Friendly?

Published On: Mar 10, 2022By

Camp season is just around the corner, and campers are looking forward to a memorable summer. You’ve ensured your camp is compliant and you’ve gotten campers signed up. Now it’s time to prepare their parents for the first day of camp. The management systems you develop now will determine how well you can meet their needs.

With so much time between registration and day one of camp, it’s important to have reliable communication with parents. Confusing systems cause crucial information to fall through the cracks, and inconvenient processes discourage repeat campers. Using the right software to communicate camp information helps parents stay informed and excited for the summer. Read on to learn if your software will create positive experiences and encourage parents to return next year.

Can your software make emailing easy?

Your staff needs the right tools to succeed. When emailing parents, your software determines how effectively your staff can reach them. If the process is difficult or time-consuming, your staff may struggle to send timely updates.

Your software should include an intuitive emailing feature. With a simple email building tool, your staff can quickly and efficiently send updates to parents. Reducing your staff’s communication barriers makes it easier for them to support parents and keep them informed. Developing reliable support networks now will encourage parents to register their children next year.

Can your software give parents mobile access?

Time is in short supply for parents. With work, families, and more needing their attention, convenience is crucial to keeping them engaged. If it’s difficult for parents to access camp information, they may check updates irregularly and miss important details.

One of the easiest ways to communicate with parents is through a mobile app. Providing information via an app gives parents the freedom to engage with your camp when and where they want to. With access to camp information on the go, parents will be able to stay informed no matter what their schedule looks like.

Can your software act as a one-stop-shop?

The best way to prepare parents for camp is to arm them with information. Between waivers, packing lists, schedules, and more, there are so many details to cover before they drop their campers off. As you continue to send more documents, it may become difficult for parents to keep track of them all. If the information is spread out and not easily referenced, it may get lost or forgotten.

Using an app is a great way to localize your camp information. This way, you can store information and collect documents from parents in one place. Centralizing your documents ensures parents know exactly where to find and share information with you. An informed parent is a confident parent, and that positive relationship will leave a lasting impression when next year’s registration comes around.

Reliable and convenient communication is crucial to supporting parents this season. Using the right software can provide parents with easy access to camp information, keeping them informed and excited to return next year. Stay tuned for the last part of our series where we’ll learn if your software is setting your staff up for success.

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