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How to Make Fundraising Less Painful [Webinar]

Published On: Dec 29, 2022

Is your fundraising process more painful than it needs to be?  

Jon Simons, Executive Vice President of Donor By Design Group, joined the NAYDO webinar series to share how to take the pain out of your ask.  

Fundraising is necessary, but it’s not always a comfortable process. An outdated approach can leave your team anxious when connecting with donors. In his presentation “The Pain in Your ASK,” Jon shares how shifting your storytelling can make volunteers more comfortable and inspire giving.

“It’s not the intention. It’s not the story. It’s not the heart of what we’re trying to do. It’s often our execution.” – Jon Simons, Executive Vice President of Donor By Design Group”

Watch the webinar above to learn:

Why Donors Connect With Your Purpose (Not Your Programs)

Letting your vision guide your organization’s storytelling isn’t as effective as it used to be. Modern donors connect to causes that are local and highly personal. They give money because they care about the people involved. How can you shift your storytelling to highlight the personal stories they’ll connect with?

How to Balance Numbers and Names

As donor motivations shift, your storytelling needs to convey both your overall scale and personal impact. Can you share an individual story that represents the overall impact of your organization?

Before sharing the story with donors, ask yourself:  

  1. Who is the person?  
  1. What was the situation?  
  1. What did your organization do to help?  
  1. How has the situation improved?  

Why You Should Focus on Change (Not Dollars)

Donors give because they want to make a change in their community. You’ll inspire more giving when you share less about how you’ll spend their dollars and more about the change they’ll be making. How can you connect the impact of their donation with the causes they’re passionate about?

And More!

Don’t miss out on the rest of Jon’s fundraising tips! Be sure to watch the full webinar to learn:

  • The common symptoms of a painful ask
  • The anatomy of a successful ask
  • How to tell it’s the right time to approach donors
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