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Power On: How to Help your Nonprofit Thrive Post Pandemic

Published On: Aug 25, 2020By

In these unprecedented times, two things will always remain true: 1) You want to be there for your members and 2) We want to be there for you. As days have turned to weeks and now months of adapting to COVID-19, fatigue is setting in. A pandemic we hoped to combat by summer is now projected to extend into winter and beyond.

In the past five months, you’ve been challenged like never before. We’re in awe of the way you have tackled every new obstacle with poise and professionalism. From offering virtual fitness classes to re-opening under social distancing guidelines, you’ve come so far.

We often say we don’t fear the fundamental forces changing the health and wellness industry. Instead, we embrace, shape, and reinvent them. Every new obstacle is an opportunity for growth. When COVID-19 fundamentally changed the industry, we charged head first into the storm.

As you fight for your members, we’re fighting for you. Now’s not the time to quit; it’s time to power on.

Resource Library

Over the past several months, we’ve produced 84 pieces of original content aimed at helping the nonprofit health and wellness community navigate the pandemic. From blog posts and webinars to a podcast and the Re-Opening Playbook, our library of resources provides positive direction in a time when others are plagued by inaction.

Our robust webinar series gives industry leaders and professionals a platform to share expert advice and best practices. The Rapid Recovery series features topics ranging from how to safely reopen at limited capacity to how to shape your brand for a post-COVID landscape. Our Gather with GroupEx PRO series focuses on how to leverage closings to revamp group fitness programs, as well as how to keep group fitness communities engaged while away from facilities. In all, our team provided 24 hours of free webinars to the nonprofit community.

Our signature podcast, TheAccelerant, launched during COVID-19, tackling subjects like how to deliver a continuum of care during coronavirus and how to adapt to working from home. A recent blog post teaches how to make meaningful connection without contact.

Re-Opening Playbook

COVID-19 is a multi-faceted problem that affects all aspect of the health and wellness industry. As a result, owners and leaders have been forced to reconsider every portion of their business, from the way they clean their facility to how they interact with members and process payments. To best serve our community, we needed to provide a tool that was as far-reaching as the virus. In early May, just over a month after the pandemic broke out in North America, we launched our Re-Opening Playbook, a comprehensive guide to safe, successful, and sustainable re-opening.

We hosted numerous roundtables with medical experts and industry leaders and summarized their thoughts on best practices and safety procedures for the health and wellness industry. The guide voices their recommendations and creates a four-step plan to re-opening: 1) plan 2) prepare 3) practice and 4) prove, with detailed checklists for accomplishing each phase. Sample waivers and safety signage included in the playbook offer tactical, direct solutions. We have since released two updates to the original playbook using additional information form the CDC. All versions have been widely shared and downloaded thousands of times by members of the nonprofit health and wellness community.

Uniquely Positioned

As you continue to power on in the fight against COVID-19, the best resource we can provide is one we’ve had all along: our family of software solutions and services. With integrated payment solutions, efficient member management, and a whole host of other services that do everything from building community to amplifying marketing, we exist to make life easier for nonprofit facilities. Let us lighten your day-to-day workload, so you can focus on supporting your members.

Many of our services are uniquely equipped to address problems that COVID-19 has worsened. As face-to-face member interaction lessens due to limited capacity and social distancing guidelines, don’t waste precious engagement time discussing payments. Our payments solution does the heavy lifting and decreases membership terminations with a proactive card updater that prevents invalid or expired credit card declines. Our member engagement assistant, Conversica, also can help bridge the COVID-19 engagement gap by checking in with disengaged members who have terminated membership as a result of COVID or are at risk of doing so.

As restrictions lessen, sports leagues and programs will resume with the added challenges of keeping children and their parents safe. Our program management platform Playerspace has capabilities for contactless registration and waiver signing, as well as seamless mobile communication that will unite your community across physical distance.

Powering On

As our communities navigate the progression of COVID-19 and strive to achieve a safer, healthier reality, they’ll be looking to you for guidance. It’s a difficult, but important role that we’re committed to helping you fill. Last month we published our first Insights and Impact report. The report provided valuable data and analytics on the overall health of fitness industry, including insights specific to the nonprofit market.

June’s findings included indicators of positive re-opening and recovery in the nonprofit space, with a month-over-month member check-in increase of 518 percent. Each month, we’ll publish a new report with key takeaways and recommendations taken from the latest data points and trends.

In a time of incredible uncertainty, you boldly charged forward to continue serving your members. At the end of the day, nonprofit facilities are about more than just exercise or daycare; they’re about community. We know you’ll keep powering on for your community. We’re dedicated to doing the same for you.

Get in touch with our team to learn how we can support you in clearing the hurdles you’re facing these days.

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