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From Leads to Reports, Daxko Engage is Built for Success

Published On: Jul 13, 2021

The word engagement has many meanings, but when it comes to engaging community, the definition is simple. Engaging community is all about connection, growth, and transformation. It may seem easy, but the difficulty comes with turning ideas into action. Creating a connected community that is rooted in growth and eager for transformation is a heavy lift. You know from experience that this mission requires balancing a lot of spinning plates and constantly shifting between different modes of communication. For this reason, engaging with your community requires the help of tools that can simultaneously show you the big picture and streamline your endless list of detailed tasks.

That’s where Daxko Engage comes in. Building powerful tools that can easily stretch between the 40,000-foot and 4-inch views needed to engage community takes time and commitment. Over the past 20 years, Daxko has witnessed how organizations like yours shift on a dime to connect with community. In this time, the Daxko product team has built and updated products to better meet these everchanging needs. This tradition has continued through the pandemic into recovery. Read below to learn how Daxko Engage is designed for the success of nonprofit organizations in today’s world.


Everything at your organization starts with leads. Daxko Engage’s Lead Management tool provides a quick snapshot of all types of leads—from new members to program participants and future donors—as well as systems to streamline communication, track results, and manage the process to bring these leads into your organization.


Dig deeper into your members’ goals beyond whether or not they are active. With member profiles, you can track what members enjoy about your organization, whether or not they have donated in the past, and so much more. Daxko Engage provides a 360-degree view of each member, with predictive analytics to help staff, from the front desk to the back office, deliver the right messages to the right people, at the right time.


Speaking of messaging, personalized messages are vital to engaging people in your mission. But the monumental task of delivering hundreds of personalized messages every day takes time. Daxko Engage provides campaign templates and segments your member base into groups, making it easy to contact the right people with the right message. With intuitive email tools and a virtual engagement assistant powered by Conversica, you can find ease in engaging members and executing a messaging strategy.


Robust reporting means various facets of your organization can come together to track successes, implement improved strategies, and generally speak the same language. From the membership office to program management, all the way to the numbers that drive your operations, having reliable reports is the bedrock of a successful mission.


With operating numbers at your fingertips, an engaged community participating in your offerings, and efficient staff management, you’ll see growth in your organization. In fact, in a three-month period, Daxko Engage users saw 1,570 paid registrations resulting in $93,331 in total program revenue. With the right tools, your organization can find space to dream of the next initiative that will transform your community.


Daxko Engage with the Retention Indicator provides your staff insightful metrics and the necessary data to tailor campaigns with intentional messaging to reengage members who are at-risk for terminating their membership in the next 90 days. The ability to meet your members and leads where they are helps your organization retain members and build loyalty in your community efforts. From check-in to program registration, childcare drop-off, and personalized communication, Daxko’s tools help members easily interact and stay engaged with your organization.

To learn more about how Daxko Engage is built for the success of your organization, schedule a consultation today.

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