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Elevating Partnerships – The Daxko YMCA Customer Advisory Board Unveiled

Published On: Jan 22, 2024By

Daxko has announced that nominations are now open for the Daxko YMCA Customer Advisory Board. We expect to seat the board and hold our first meeting before the end ofQ1.

Join us for an insightful Q&A with Daxko’s leaders, Wendy White, CMO, and Rudy Nieto, CRO, as they discuss the nuances of our newly launched Daxko YMCA Customer Advisory Board.

Q1:Wendy, what ignited the creation of the YMCA Customer Advisory Board?

Wendy: The YMCA Customer Advisory Board was born from our commitment to incorporate the diverse voices of the YMCA movement into Daxko’s strategic direction. We’re cultivating a partnership that evolves with the YMCAs, ensuring our initiatives resonate with the community’s heartbeat.

 Q2:Rudy, how does this board reflect Daxko’s dedication to and investment in the YMCA movement?

Rudy: The CAB is a direct channel for integrating the YMCA’s insights into our business fabric. It’s a deliberate move beyond the conventional, highlighting a collaborative ethos that’s central to our mission and reflective of a shared journey toward serving our communities.

 Q3:Wendy, how will the CAB make up reflect the YMCA movement?

Wendy: We’re forming a board as diverse as the YMCA community itself, prioritizing a mix of organization size and regions, ensuring varying operating roles are represented, and including voices of both Daxko customers and non-customers. It’s about weaving a broad spectrum of experiences into Daxko’s roadmap.

 Q4:Wendy, why involve non-customers in the CAB?

Wendy: Inclusion of non-customers breaks us free from our echo chamber, drawing in a wider array of viewpoints. It’s about ensuring our solutions resonate with the entire YMCA movement and reflect the real voice of the community.

 Q5:What immediate impacts can YMCAs expect from the CAB?

Rudy: The CAB can anticipate a dynamic interplay of ideas and creative solutions that will help us build solutions to tangibly strengthen our communities. Far more than a discussion group, the CAB is a catalyst to drive significant change that resonates through Daxko and the wider YMCA movement.  The broader community should count on us to routinely communicate the learnings and discussions from the CAB as well any plans and outcomes.

 Q8:How can YMCAs engage with the CAB?

Rudy: We’re inviting YMCA leaders to be an active part of creating the CAB through nominating prospective members today.  As the 20 or so person CAB is seated this quarter and begins to meet and make progress, our intent is to shar insights and debriefs on discussions and outcomes that come from them with the broader Y community.  

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and insights as we embark on this exhilarating venture with the YMCA Customer Advisory Board – a partnership that promises to redefine the landscape of community wellness.

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