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Daxko Strengthens Position in Nonprofit Tech Leadership with Strategic CCC Asset Acquisition

Published On: Dec 14, 2023By

Daxko, the leading software and integrated payments solutions provider in the health, fitness, and wellness industry, today announced the successful acquisition of non-profit software assets of Christensen Computer Company (CCC), an on-premises member data platform. This move is a strategic initiative towards modernizing member management solutions, aiming to deliver innovative solutions for nonprofit health and wellness organizations to engage communities more effectively.

Extensive research within the nonprofit member management space led CCC to choose Daxko as the ideal partner to help their customers thrive as nonprofit leaders.

In recent years, operational solutions have shifted away from on-premises solutions to cloud-based solutions due to management complexity, security risks, and challenges in business continuity related to physical hardware and software. CCC’s decision to unite with Daxko reflects a shared understanding that traditional on-premises models are no longer sustainable.

The union empowers CCC customers with access to Daxko’s full solution ecosystem, facilitating a seamless transition to user-friendly platforms. Daxko is a proud partner to nonprofits of all shapes, sizes and missions. With 25 years of experience, Daxko brings a profound understanding of YMCA, JCC, and Boys & Girls Club movements ensuring the delivery of optimized services and an elevated overall customer experience.

“This strategic move reinforces our commitment to delivering advanced solutions and exceptional service to the YMCA movement and the broader nonprofit community,” said Rudy Nieto, Chief Relationship Officer of Daxko. “Daxko’s understanding of the non-profit market ensures that CCC customers have the best opportunity to thrive in the existing technology landscape. We are deeply committed to partnering with key CCC leaders, ensuring continued excellent service during this transition and beyond.”

To guarantee continuity for CCC customers, Daxko will retain subject matter experts, including the immediate onboarding of key CCC staff members. Marcus Christensen, now Daxko’s Director of Sales, will collaborate with the CCC team, providing personalized options and support to CCC customers.

“Daxko and CCC’s shared commitment to innovation and customer success positions us to bring enhanced support and valuable solutions to the YMCA market,” said Marcus Christensen, newly appointed Sales Director of Daxko. “We are confident that Daxko is the best steward for CCC customers and their technology needs, well-equipped to lead them onto modern platforms.”

The CCC acquisition marks another significant milestone for Daxko, complementing recent successes, including strategic acquisitions, the establishment of Daxko Indiasubstantial investments from Genstar Capital and GI Partners, and the addition of key leaders to its C-Suite. Daxko remains committed to advancing the health and wellness industry through technology and strategic partnerships.

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