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Daxko Launches Integration with Funraise to Elevate Nonprofit Fundraising Efforts

Published On: Jun 25, 2024

Daxko, the leading software and integrated payments solutions provider in the health, fitness, and wellness industry, today announced the launch of an integration with Funraise, an innovative online fundraising platform founded by nonprofit professionals. Funraise’s digital donation tools, including donation forms, monthly giving programs, peer-to-peer fundraising, and data-driven reporting features, are now available to Daxko Operations customers, empowering mission-driven organizations to streamline donations and enhance donor engagement.

This integration was designed with the unique needs of nonprofit organizations in mind, including YMCAs, JCCs, youth development organizations, and community rec centers, to help streamline their operations and enhance fundraising efforts. By connecting Funraise with Daxko Operations, the integration addresses the challenge of managing multiple systems and manual processes that many nonprofit organizations face. It simplifies fundraising efforts, automates contribution tracking, and provides comprehensive donor insights, allowing organizations to focus more on their mission and less on administrative tasks.

Key Features and Benefits:

·       Seamless Connection: Easily connects Funraise with Daxko Operations for smooth and efficient operations.

·       Campaign Mapping: Syncs campaigns between platforms for consistent and accurate tracking.

·       Activity Monitoring: Regularly checks the Funraise platform for new contributions, ensuring records are always current.

·       Staff Tools: Equips teams with tools to review and reconcile contributions effortlessly.

·       Comprehensive Tracking: Keeps member records and donation histories updated with contribution activity for detailed reporting and analysis.

“Daxko is committed to building a powerful open ecosystem for our mission-driven customers,” said Jeff VanDixhorn, CEO of Daxko. “Our partnership with Funraise shows our commitment to innovation and supporting nonprofits. This integration is all about making things easier—helping nonprofits engage with donors and boost their fundraising efforts. By leveraging technology, we want to create a culture of philanthropy that helps organizations achieve their missions more effectively.”

“Funraise’s mission is to build the future of fundraising technology for all nonprofits,”emphasized Justin Wheeler, Funraise CEO and Co-founder. “This state-of-the-art collaboration between Daxko and Funraise allows member-based organizations to expand impact in their communities by utilizing tried-and-true nonprofit fundraising strategies.”

Daxko customers who sign up with Funraise can access the benefits of the Phase 1integration today. Additional development plans are underway to continue enhancing the integration’s capabilities. Daxko customers interested in the integration can go here to learn more or schedule a demo to see it in action.

About Daxko  

Daxko is the leading technology partner for health and fitness centers worldwide, delivering comprehensive technology solutions, integrated payment processing, and unparalleled insights. Since1998, we have been dedicated to meeting the unique needs of health clubs, boutique fitness studios, affiliate gyms, campus recreation facilities, integrated wellness centers, and key community organizations like YMCAs andJCCs. With a global presence spanning 55 countries, we empower nearly 19,000facilities and over 25 million+ members to achieve their health and wellness goals. Join the Daxko Nation of brands, including Zen Planner, SugarWOD, ClubAutomation, and more, and discover the future of health and wellness at

About Funraise

Funraise is the leading fundraising platform combining innovative online donation tools, donor management, and data intelligence. Founded by nonprofit professionals in 2017, Funraise continues to boost nonprofit fundraising performance and impact.

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