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Daxko and the YMCA of Greater Houston: Accelerating Innovation and Powering Purpose Together

Published On: Jun 23, 2021

When COVID-19 forced organizations across the country to pivot and adapt to a new set of rules, the YMCA of Greater Houston rose to the occasion. Rather than making temporary modifications that would serve as solves to pandemic-related needs, they used the disruption to jumpstart a greater discussion about who and what they are—and could be—to their community.

“Our goal is that at the end of this journey, every person in the Houston market is a member of the Y—that can be traditionally or altruistically,” says Chief Brand Officer John Cardone.

When they unveiled their re-envisioned mission, the focus was on becoming a purpose not a place. This meant expanding beyond their traditional service model based in memberships, fitness programs, and facilities. In its place, the YMCA of Greater Houston created a people-centric mission focused on holistic health and wellness encompassing every aspect of people’s lives.

To turn their dream into reality, the YMCA of Greater Houston needed a technology provider.  More than that, they needed a partner that understood their purpose and could fuel their impact. They chose to grow their relationship with Daxko to transform their organization and impact more lives than ever before.

“Daxko was once a vendor and now they’re a partner,” says Steve Ives, President & CEO of the YMCA of Greater Houston. “We used to think of our technology solution as a solution that we buy, but what’s happened over the past year is we’ve locked arms with Daxko and thought creatively and innovatively about the future of YMCA membership and the future of YMCA interaction with our constituents. They’ve been right there at the table with us, helping us figure it out, but also solving for us the technological side of what is necessary for us to be the Y that we need to be for the future.”

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