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Power Community Through COVID-19 with Our Member Engagement Assistant

Published On: Aug 26, 2020By

Face-to-face interactions are harder to come by these days. With social distancing guidelines, engaging with members is increasingly difficult. Masks add a challenge to holding conversation and recognizing facial expressions. The days of high fives and fist bumps are long gone.

As such, sustained engagement is more important than ever. Though members may not physically be able to return to your facility, it doesn’t make them any less a part of your community. The goal is for them all to return to your facility once they feel safe. To do that, you need to retain their membership, and for that, you need to keep them engaged. That’s where Daxko’s engagement assistant, powered by Conversica, comes in. In this post, we’ll introduce you to our member engagement assistant. Then we’ll break down how she can serve you and your members during the pandemic and beyond.

What’s a member engagement assistant?

As a busy nonprofit fitness leader, we know your constant need to be in a million places at once. There’s also the constant pull to talk to everyone, from your office staff and fitness instructors to loyal members, at once. This engagement is why people love your facility but it’s hard to offer that kind of connection at scale. You deserve a tool that makes fostering these connections easier and more effective.

Daxko’s member engagement assistant is the team member you never dreamt possible. She fosters real one-to-one conversations to drive the actions you want members and prospects to take. From gauging interest in new programs to inquiring about inactive membership, she does it all.

We know there’s not enough time in a day, or even a week, to personally check in with every member and prospect of your facility. A member engagement assistant can get the job done in a single day, all while providing the personal touch your members expect from your nonprofit.

How can a member engagement assistant help me through COVID-19?

Over the past six months,COVID-19 has brought many unique challenges to the health and wellness industry. As the world’s understanding of the virus changes daily, so has the way you approach your business. The same applies to members who are reevaluating many aspects of their daily lives, from how they exercise to how they spend their money. A member engagement assistant can keep your organization front-of-mind for members and potential donors. It’s an important tool in your journey to power on through the pandemic.

Daxko’s engagement assistant is an expert at winning back and retaining members. Her polite but persistent approach is highly effective at encouraging your members to stay the course, engaging more new leads by 21 percent and converting more opportunities by 44 percent. Daxko is the exclusive provider of this groundbreaking technology for YMCAs and JCCs.

As the ultimate team player, Daxko’s engagement assistant is a huge help to your existing staff.

By relieving staff of tedious communication tasks, you give them more time to adapt to new challenges. They’ll have more time to sanitize common spaces or monitor social distancing compliance inside your facility. They’ll also have more time to engage in meaningful interaction with members who have begun revisiting your facility.

Why do I need a member engagement assistant post-pandemic?

Once the pandemic is in our past, many are expecting a huge upturn in many industries, health and wellness included. People who have been isolated for months will be hungry for community and interpersonal interaction. Many will want to return to their previous exercise routine, and some will be looking to develop new habits to stay healthy. With so many options for exercise and community, from specialized boutique studios to big-name health clubs, it can be hard to earn the attention of potential members. Daxko’s member engagement assistant is the perfect tool to engage and convert new leads.

Beyond bringing in new members, she also strengthens existing members’ relationship with your organization by keeping them in the know about programs, services, and community offerings.

Ready to engage more members? Your Daxko member engagement assistant can join your team in just 14 days. Visit

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