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Increase Community Loyalty With Your Community Effort Score

Published On: Mar 15, 2024By
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Is your organization low-effort or are you creating obstacles for your community? Take the 3-minute quiz to find out.

You’ve probably experienced it yourself: the frustration that comes when connecting with a business is way harder than it needs to be. The little barriers that keep you from hearing the latest updates and finding the newest offerings add up over time. Eventually, those barriers become too much, and you decide to take your business elsewhere.

Where did that business go wrong? Effort.

Effort is a key driver of community loyalty. According to Gartner research, 96% of customers with high-effort service interactions become more disloyal compared to just 9% who have a low-effort experience.

When your mission depends on continuously meeting the needs of your community, effort can make or break your success. Take the Community Effort Score Quiz at the end of this blog to see if you’re inspiring loyalty or leaving your community unsatisfied.

Above-average performer result reading “You’re crushing it! Your Community Effort Score is 98 out of 100, which makes your community center an above-average performer.”
Above-average performer result reading “You’re crushing it! Your Community Effort Score is 98 out of 100, which makes your community center an above-average performer.”

What is a Community Effort Score?

Daxko’s Community Effort Score Quiz identifies high-effort areas within your organization and highlights opportunities to turn them into low-effort experiences. The quiz evaluates four key categories:

  1. Digital Presence: How accessible, interactive, and accurate is your digital front door?
  2. Communication: How well do you stay connected with your community?
  3. Feedback: Are you actively seeking and utilizing community feedback to shape your services?
  4. Operations: Is your software helping or hindering your mission?

In 16 questions, you’ll score your organization and discover if you’re creating a high-effort experience for your community.

0 to 35 below-average, 36 to 69 average, 70 to 100 above-average.
0 to 35 below-average, 36 to 69 average, 70 to 100 above-average

Why Does Your Community Effort Score Matter?

According to Gartner, “customers are four times more likely to leave a service interaction more disloyal than when they entered.” If your community is finding your interactions frustrating, understanding your Customer Effort Score gives you a chance to right the ship before they abandon it.

Use your score to create effortless experiences and enjoy these results:

  1. Improved Community Loyalty: Easy interactions lead to higher satisfaction, retention, and more referrals.
  2. Farther Reach: Quick, comprehensive updates make it easy for more community members to discover your organization online.
  3. Improved Donor Retention: An easy donation process encourages one-time donations. With 38% of online donors giving again the following year, that can translate into a lot of annual support.
  4. More Word-of-Mouth Referrals: 88% of consumers say they trust recommendations from those they know above all other forms of marketing. When your community is informed and excited about programs, they’re prepared to share your mission with others.
  5. Better Data Collection: A quick and easy feedback process encourages higher survey participation rates.
  6. Increased Engagement: Communities who find it easy to engage are more likely to trust and support your organization.

When to Take the Community Effort Score Quiz

A Gartner study shows that 48% of people who have a negative experience tell more than ten people. Negative word-of-mouth can quickly spread through your community and discourage them from engaging with you. If you’re creating negative experiences, you need to course correct.

Know the warning signs of high-effort experiences so you can anticipate obstacles and address issues quickly. Watch for these signs to identify when you’re falling short of community expectations.

  1. Lower Attendance: Is your community missing updates or finding the registration process frustrating?
  2. Fewer Sign-Ups: Is it easy to sign up on your website?
  3. Lower Renewal Rates: Can your community quickly and easily renew online?
  4. Fewer Volunteers: Are you consistently communicating the latest volunteer opportunities?
  5. Lower Engagement: Is it easy to engage with you online or via an app?
  6. Fewer Donations: Can donors manage their recurring or one-time donations online?
  7. Fewer Survey Responses: Is your community finding it difficult to share feedback?

Find Your Community Effort Score Now

Is your organization effortlessly engaging or unintentionally setting up hurdles? With a simple 3-minute quiz, you can assess whether you’re facilitating connections or fostering frustrations. Take the quiz now to find your Community Effort Score.

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