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Changing Face-to-face Interactions at YMCA of Florida’s First Coast

Published On: Feb 15, 2016

When launching Daxko Engage, Kathy Cannon and her team at YMCA of Florida’s First Coast in Jacksonville, Florida knew that their first order of business would be to improve the amount/quality of interactions with members.

“To compensate for the various branch sizes, I decided to make quality goals based on the % of total scans (check-ins) at a facility.” says Cannon. “When we first launched we were under 3% [of scans with an interaction logged in Daxko Engage].

With hard work and consistent tracking they have raised their interactions from around 3% of total check-ins to nearly 6% of all check-ins. That’s an increase of nearly 3,000 quality interactions per month! Kathy and her team also made sure that as the number of interactions increased, the quality of the interactions was an ongoing focus.T

The staff wanted to be sure they were tracking quality interactions so they decided to base their interactions around three things:

1. Goal setting and achievement

2. Relationship-building

3. Connecting members to a group/program based on their interests

“We hold Experience Directors responsible for these types of interactions. Engage allows our staff to all work towards the same goals and to know what those goals are,” says Cannon. One thing that makes the team at the YMCA of Florida’s First Coast so successful is their commitment to team training and reporting using Daxko Engage. Some of the ways the team keeps engagement top of mind:

  • Cannon sends out monthly updates to the Experience Directors at each branch highlighting great quality interactions and also calling out coaching opportunities.
  • Twice a day the team at each branch huddles up to discuss training topics and highlight engagement achievements at the branch.
  • In the bi-weekly staff meetings there are 10 minutes devoted to “Connections.” This involves an analysis of interactions that have happened between meetings including assigning certain interactions for follow up by appropriate team member.
  • The team regularly involves branches that are seeing the most success in team trainings to spread good habits across the association.
  • Custom reports in Daxko Operations give the team visibility into achievements that have happened and how staff has been facilitating or essential in those achievements. This type of information is not just good training material, it provides success stories for board meetings, donor materials, and even member referrals.

Cannon’s team is now motivated to continue engagement efforts beyond face-to-face interactions and increase new member touchpoints through Daxko Engage. In fact, they have already outlined 14 new initiatives launching to take new members on an engagement path based on their area of interest that will run in conjunction with already established new member initiatives. Clearly, new members at the YMCA of Florida’s First Coast are in capable hands.

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