Consistency in Customer Service

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Consistency can be defined as, “the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.” It signifies steadfastness and continuously met expectations.

When I think of consistency, in customer service specifically, a local frozen yogurt establishment (Red Mango) that I frequent comes to mind. These types of businesses are like grains of sand on a shore line in the communities I live and work in. There are too many to count! With so many frozen yogurt franchises, the products are similar & service is what ultimately sets them apart.

So, what sets Red Mango apart? What distinguishes them and makes them superior to their numerous competitors? Four words: consistent exceptional customer service. As you enter the glass doors into bold, bright, colorful decorum, you’re welcomed with that same level of enthusiasm and friendliness by the staff. Each customer is met with a big smile and personal greeting, often times even a wave. Are you a first time guest? No problem, they’ll patiently walk you through the process of a self-serve yogurt bar. Are you a repeat customer? Even better, as this means you can certainly expect to be treated like royalty. For example, the staff pulls out a large container of my favorite brand of granola from behind the counter as I near the toppings bar. They know I prefer to pick nuts out of the granola, so they go out of their way each visit to make that possible. Can you think of very many places that do that? I can’t!

The staff and Red Mango consistently provides a welcoming atmosphere, delightfully tasting frozen yogurt, fresh toppings, quick service, & a very clean environment. Always. As a frequent customer, those things are important. I’ve come to expect this type of top notch experience. Anything less, which is what I’m accustomed to at many of their competitors, has become unacceptable and unappealing.

Each staff regularly performs at this level while every flavor of frozen yogurt and each topping contantly proves to be superior. No matter how bad of a day I’ve had, I always leave Red Mango better, all because of consistent exceptional customer service.

FUNctional Activities

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Using the stairs has many cardiovascular benefits.

You’ve probably heard this a few times…. But how often do you choose the stairs over the elevator? If you are anything like me, you probably don’t choose the stairs. But, what if taking the stairs was fun? Would you be more likely to take them?! Duh. It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

I recently came across this video and loved how simple this theory rings true. How can you add a little fun to your day? Why not start your morning meeting with a joke or bring a special snack to your team? Try something every day to increase the way you FUNction.

“If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” ~Bob Basso

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” -Dale Carnegie

“I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.” -Katharine Hepburn

“Fun is good.” – Dr. Suess

Trend Reports & Surveys: Understanding Your Membership Survey

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Daxko surveyed 159 associations to understand how they are engaging and communicating with constituents through targeted marketing and data segmentation. How does your association compare?

  1. Outside of name and address, what sort of demographic data do you capture about members and other constituents?
    E-mail address 98.7%
    Phone 95.6%
    Employer 67.3%
    Role/title 16.4%
    Age/date of birth 96.9%
    Gender 96.2%
    Ethnicity 44.7%
    Marital status 57.9%
    Household income 20.1%
    Years in community 2.5%
    Health status 8.2%
  2. What sort of data do you gather to better understand your members’ needs and preferences?
    Their preferred methods of communication 34.6%
    Their reason(s) for joining the association 57.2%
    Their satisfaction with their membership 49.1%
    Their reason(s) for not renewing membership 72.3%
    Their interest in volunteering 55.3%
    Their interest in your association 39.0%
    We do not collect data surrounding our members’ needs and preferences. 5.0%
  3. Do you currently have an operations system or membership database where you keep membership data?
    Yes 91.8%
    No 8.2%
  4. Who are the primary users of the system at your association?
    Front desk/welcome center 94.6%
    Membership staff 95.4%
    Program staff 78.5%
    Child-care staff 40.8%
    Fitness staff 30.0%
    Executives 75.4%
    Resident camp staff 8.5%
    Fund development staff 47.7%
    Other 10.8%
  5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how well does your operations system keep track of membership demographic and preference data?
    1=Doesn’t allow for it at all 5
    2 8
    3 11
    4 4
    5 13
    6 9
    7 32
    8 29
    9 22
    10=Does it exceptionally well 13
  6. How do you use the data that you collect about your members and constituents?
    We use it to tailor our communication to different constituents. 55.3%
    We use it to measure engagement levels. 39.6%
    We use it to structure our dues/fees. 29.6%
    We use it to structure new offerings. 44.0%
    We use it to write grants. 52.2 %
    We use it in fundraising. 69.2%
    We use it to find volunteers. 35.2%
    We do not use this information right now. 10.7%
  7. What are the reason(s) for not using the data that you collect about your members and constituents?
    We are unsure of how to use the data. 18.8%
    We are unable to export the data from our system. 12.5%
    We lack the staff resources to do so. 75.5%
  8. How do you use your facility usage information?
    We use it to determine staffing needs. 53.8%
    We use it to determine program schedules. 53.2%
    We use it to tailor our communications to our members. 25.9%
    We do not use this information. 19.6%
  9. What type of organization is your association?
    Independent 58.9%
    Multiple locations 34.8%
    Other 6.3%

*Note: Percentages may not sum to 100 due to multiple answer choices selected and/or rounding.

Trend Reports & Surveys: Economic Downturn Survey

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Daxko surveyed 180 associations to understand what effects the economic recession was having on their organization. While these times are challenging, you’ll see that there are some silver linings to the recession cloud. How does your association compare?

  1. What effect, if any, has the economic recession had on your association’s membership?
    Membership has increased 28%
    Membership has decreased 36%
    Membership has stayed the same 36%
  2. If membership has increased/decreased, does your association have a retention or recruitment plan in place?
    Increased and has retention plan 82%
    Increased and no retention plan 18%
    Decreased and has recruitment plan 89%
    Decreased and no recruitment plan 11%
  3. Have membership expectations changed as a result of the economy?
    Yes 59%
    No 37%
    I don’t know 4%
  4. If member expectations changed, how have they specifically?
    Want to pay less for membership and products 42%
    Want more networking opportunities 32%
    Want virtual attendance options for events 26%
    Want increased benefits (i.e. healthcare access) 27%
    Want job board/placement services 14%
    Other 42%
  5. Have your offerings to members changed as a result of the economy?
    Yes 53%
    No 46%
    I don’t know 1%
    Don’t know if expectations changed, but changed offerings 63%
    Expectations did not change, but changed offerings 44%
    Expectations did change, but did not change offerings 41%
  6. What effect, if any, has the economy had on non-dues revenue?
    Non-dues revenue has increased 24%
    Non-dues revenue has decreased 42%
    Non-dues revenue has stayed the same 34%