Trend Reports & Surveys: Economic Downturn Survey

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Daxko surveyed 180 associations to understand what effects the economic recession was having on their organization. While these times are challenging, you’ll see that there are some silver linings to the recession cloud. How does your association compare?

  1. What effect, if any, has the economic recession had on your association’s membership?
    Membership has increased 28%
    Membership has decreased 36%
    Membership has stayed the same 36%
  2. If membership has increased/decreased, does your association have a retention or recruitment plan in place?
    Increased and has retention plan 82%
    Increased and no retention plan 18%
    Decreased and has recruitment plan 89%
    Decreased and no recruitment plan 11%
  3. Have membership expectations changed as a result of the economy?
    Yes 59%
    No 37%
    I don’t know 4%
  4. If member expectations changed, how have they specifically?
    Want to pay less for membership and products 42%
    Want more networking opportunities 32%
    Want virtual attendance options for events 26%
    Want increased benefits (i.e. healthcare access) 27%
    Want job board/placement services 14%
    Other 42%
  5. Have your offerings to members changed as a result of the economy?
    Yes 53%
    No 46%
    I don’t know 1%
    Don’t know if expectations changed, but changed offerings 63%
    Expectations did not change, but changed offerings 44%
    Expectations did change, but did not change offerings 41%
  6. What effect, if any, has the economy had on non-dues revenue?
    Non-dues revenue has increased 24%
    Non-dues revenue has decreased 42%
    Non-dues revenue has stayed the same 34%

Webcast: Measuring Your Mission through Social Impact Planning

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You need a strategy that helps you accelerate your impact. Join the conversation with Tom Massey to learn how our Social Impact Planning can produce significant, measurable improvements in lives and communities. Plus, we’ll introduce you to mission measurement, the elusive concept of using third-party research to validate prevention efforts that produce real results.

Webcast: Moving from Efficiency to Member Engagement

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Join us to find out how ordinary organizations are changing lives by creating meaningful connections. Do more than master your daily efficiencies—learn to effectively engage your members.

At Daxko, we don’t simply check the boxes of the software features we offer. We focus on how people will use our software as a vehicle for success. This webcast is not intended to be a product demo. Instead, we’ll focus on how software fits into the bigger picture of impacting your community. Plus! Lots of tips on how to use software to get the job done.

In this webcast, you’ll see how Daxko Operations fits into the engine of the impact accelerator: planning + tools + execution. You’ll leave the webcast with clear strategies on how to move beyond simple efficiency to effective engagement.