2016 YMCA Membership Summit

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Last week I had the pleasure of attending the YMCA Membership Summit in Dallas. With over 600 executives in attendance and the energy at the event, it is clear that the future of membership is a critical and compelling topic for Ys. After attending sessions, listening to speakers, and engaging in conversation with many YMCA executives, I noticed a recurring theme: change is inevitable; and with change, comes opportunity.

So how will Daxko support our customers through these changes?

  1. MOBILE The newest generation of members and program participants are digital natives. Mobile solutions are simply an expectation. That’s why we’ve been working closely with our customers build out the latest version of Daxko Mobile from the ground up, using the latest in Mobile development tools. Our pilot Ys love the usability and the member experience of the new solution. This project is just the beginning of Daxko’s new member experience priorities that will poise our customers as progressive, member-minded organizations in their communities.
  2. NON-TRADITIONAL MEMBERSHIPS (You may think of this as a virtual membership.) Creating a virtual health and wellness community represents an opportunity to reach the 82% of the US population who don’t belong to any gym. This is particularly true with the millennial demographic who want to work out where they want, when they want, and are accustomed to having a social network integrated into everything they do. With that in mind, we’ve excited by the launch of Daxko Well, which is being piloted by the First Coast YMCA in Jacksonville  and the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado Springs. 
  3. DATA As a result of having 600+ YMCA customers, Daxko has more data, over a longer period of time, than any other provider. And we want that to mean something. We are actively working with Y-USA to make that data available and meaningful across the Y Movement.
  4. DAXKO ENGAGE Engaging your members is more than just sending out well-designed emails and short text messages. You can’t impact your members and consistently build relationships without a systematic and intentional approach. That’s why we developed Daxko Engage, the only engagement solution that is powered by data that accurately shows which members are engaged and who’s at risk of terminating their membership. 

I’d like to hear your your thoughts and comments. We can have a much greater impact when we all work together. 


Changing Face-to-face Interactions at YMCA of Florida’s First Coast

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When launching Daxko Engage, Kathy Cannon and her team at YMCA of Florida’s First Coast in Jacksonville, Florida knew that their first order of business would be to improve the amount/quality of interactions with members.

“To compensate for the various branch sizes, I decided to make quality goals based on the % of total scans (check-ins) at a facility.” says Cannon. “When we first launched we were under 3% [of scans with an interaction logged in Daxko Engage].

With hard work and consistent tracking they have raised their interactions from around 3% of total check-ins to nearly 6% of all check-ins. That’s an increase of nearly 3,000 quality interactions per month! Kathy and her team also made sure that as the number of interactions increased, the quality of the interactions was an ongoing focus.

The staff wanted to be sure they were tracking quality interactions so they decided to base their interactions around three things:

1.  Goal setting and achievement
2.  Relationship-building
3.  Connecting members to a group/program based on their interests

“We hold Experience Directors responsible for these types of interactions. Engage allows our staff to all work towards the same goals and to know what those goals are,” says Cannon.

One thing that makes the team at the YMCA of Florida’s First Coast so successful is their commitment to team training and reporting using Daxko Engage. Some of the ways the team keeps engagement top of mind:

  • Cannon sends out monthly updates to the Experience Directors at each branch highlighting great quality interactions and also calling out coaching opportunities.
  • Twice a day the team at each branch huddles up to discuss training topics and highlight engagement achievements at the branch.
  • In the bi-weekly staff meetings there are 10 minutes devoted to “Connections.”  This involves an analysis of interactions that have happened between meetings including assigning certain interactions for followup by appropriate team member.
  • The team regularly involves branches that are seeing the most success in team trainings to spread good habits across the association.
  • Custom reports in Daxko Operations give the team visibility into achievements that have happened and how staff has been facilitating or essential in those achievements. This type of information is not just good training material, it provides success stories for board meetings, donor materials, and even member referrals.

Cannon’s team is now motivated to continue engagement efforts beyond face-to-face interactions and increase new member touchpoints through Daxko Engage. In fact, they have already outlined 14 new initiatives launching to take new members on an engagement path based on their area of interest that will run in conjunction with already established new member initiatives. Clearly, new members at the YMCA of Florida’s First Coast are in capable hands.

Daxko CEO Dave Gray Will Serve on the Board of the YMCA of Greater Birmingham

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Daxko CEO David Gray recently joined the board of directors of the YMCA of Greater Birmingham. Gray has long been a supporter of the Y movement and Daxko software runs behind the scenes at many YMCAs across the country. He joins YMCA of Greater Birmingham CEO Stan Law on the board and Gray already serves on the board of the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in North Carolina.

“I am honored to serve on the board of directors of the YMCA of Greater Birmingham,” states Gray. “I am passionate about the work of the YMCA in our community, and I look forward to collaborating with Stan and his team, as well as other board members, to promote the Y values of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility across the Birmingham area.”

The YMCA of Greater Birmingham is the Daxko “Hometown Y” and serves Jefferson and Shelby Counties in Alabama. Currently made up of 14 local branches that engage more than 60,000 men, women, and children in the Birmingham area.

The YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly is a 1,200 acre retreat and conference center located in the Black Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. Blue Ridge Assembly has a long history of impacting lives through meetings, groups, and school programs.

Reach Underserved Areas with Community Meetups

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Member-based health and wellness centers focus on making their communities stronger. However, doing so at physical locations has limitations. While the vast majority of American’s are committed to improving their health, 82% are not joining fitness facilities to do so (IHRSA 2014). Why? Perhaps locations are too far from work, home, or school; maybe they are self-conscious working out in front of others; or maybe they aren’t quite sure how to use the equipment and are intimidated to ask for help. Whatever the reason, you’re missing out on making a positive impact on the health of the majority of your community constituents.

What if you could flip the equation? Instead of expecting members to come to you, meeting members of your community where they are. Could you extend your mission of health and wellness to many more without having to invest in another expensive facility? Yes, you can and it’s simple — organize a community meetup. Here’s an example:

As the suburbs have continued to sprawl, your YMCA is now missing a key and growing area of your community with your closest location being 20 miles away. You could build a new facility, but that takes time and considerable funding. In the meantime, host a bootcamp in a local park every week. Your staff can bring along some weights, jump ropes, and mats, and lots of enthusiasm. Organizing community meetups and allowing community members to connect with each other and the Y in between sessions is quick and easy with a tool like Daxko Well. 

Is your center using community meetups to extend your mission and serve more? We’d love to hear how in the comments below.