5 Times To Use Twitter While Your Manager’s Talking – Without Losing Your Job

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By now, you’re probably on Twitter.  Congrats.  There is stuff to be learned there, but you have to make some choices.  Am I using it for my personal life?  Limiting it to just those I can learn from professionally?  A mixture?  If so, how do I wall that off?  What type of tools should I download to get the most from Twitter?

Lots of things to consider.  Here’s the big one – How much do I Tweet at work?  That depends on your workplace culture.  If you can’t even access Twitter at work, welcome back to the Death Star.  Lando Calrissian is probably in the cube next to you.  Tell him I said “hey”…

Here’s a rule that is easy to remember – don’t use twitter when the boss is talking to you or at you.  Actually the rule is “never never never never never never never never never never never Tweet while your boss is talking to you”.  Charile Villanueva of the Milwaukee Bucks found that out the hard way last year.

Here’s the rundown on NBA tweeter Charlie Villanueva from the LA Times:

“So learned Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva after it came to light that recent halftime Gatorade and orange slices also included some down low Twitter action.  During the intermission of an eventual 86-77 win over the Boston Celtics last Sunday, CV slipped away to deliver the following message to the devotees of his “CV31” ID.

“In da locker room, snuck to post with my twitt. We’re playing the Celtics, tie ball game at da half. Coach wants more toughness. I gotta step up.”

While some might consider it admirable that Villanueva took the initiative to channel his inner- and cyber- “Knute Rockne”, Coach Scott Skiles wasn’t digging it, and put the kibosh (banned twitter) on any further in-game “tweets”.

So Skiles is talking to the troops getting ready for the 2nd half, and Charlie says, “I gotta go to the can”, then is found leaning against the bathroom wall tweeting for his followers.  Hilarious.

Here’s my list of times when it’s appropriate to tweet in your bosses’ presence. As an ode to the Bucks, my examples are riffed in the style of Charlie V above:

5.  When someone’s late for a meeting and you want to help– “in da meeting room with Dave G. No DW 2B found”.

4.  When you need to ask a business question pondered by the boss – “talking 2 Dave G. Who knows when the new Mac is coming out?”

3.  To suck up to the boss, but only if you mean what you are saying – “Dave’s presenting. Freaking brilliant”.

2.  To build the brand through visuals – “talking about the non-profit market <insert twitpic from non proprietary slide>”

…and the number one time when it’s appropriate to tweet in your boss’s presence…

1.  To let the boss know you got the coaching message (channeling Charlie V.) – “”In da bathroom, snuck to post with my twitt. We’re down to the last days of da fiscal year, tie ball game after 11 months. Dave wants more toughness. I gotta step up.”

Thanks Charlie!

If Taglines Were Honest…

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After several years of dutiful service, we’re retiring the current DAXKO business card design.  That’s right… it’s time for a facelift.  Our marketing team’s been working on something that reflects of our uniqueness – something sharp and fresh… something that might get a second look before suffering the inevitable fate of most business cards (a.k.a. the trash bin).

As a part of the DAXKO Business Card 2.0 project, individual teams were asked to create a team slogan/saying/motto that reflected their work.  The only stipulation… make it fun!  As I began to think about my team’s tagline, I turned to the web to get the creative juices flowing.  A quick search for funny company taglines lead me to an interesting post by Justin at Guardedly Optimistic.  Justin has taken a few well-known companies and written what he thinks their “honest” corporate tagline would be.  Here are some of my faves…

  • iPod: It’ll break in a year, but by then, you’ll want the new one.
  • Ikea: One day you’ll be able to afford real furniture.
  • Apple: You think you need it; we know you just want it.
  • Taco Bell: You’re drunk and we’re still open.
  • Southwest Airlines: On your mark, get set, go find a seat!

Looking past the humor, Justin’s post had some truth to it.  Would the taglines I create for my company, my team, and even myself ring true to those who interact with my company, my team, and myself?  If not, what would they say the “honest” tagline is?  It’s good food for thought and was a good exercise for me.  In the meantime, I’m looking forward to reading the taglines my teammates came up with.  If I know our team, they’ll be a few laughs in that list as well.

What I Learned from Mickey Mouse

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If you’re going to grow the company, you’ve got to grow your people.  Words to live by at DAXKO.  To that end, we’ve put a lot of good development stuff in place for team members.  One of those is the annual Professional Development Allowance.  That’s right – money.  In fact, it’s money to spend on any professional opportunity you fancy – books, conferences, memberships, subscriptions, seminars… you get the idea.  The cool thing is that the training doesn’t  have to relate to your current role at DAXKO – the world is your oyster.  So here’s another installment of our “Dough to Grow” series.  Love it when we can weave in some shameless plugs for the team… 

Handle: Dan Van

DAXKO Team: Support Services

What I want to get better at over time: Providing quality service

What I dropped the cash on this time: Disney Institute’s Disney’s Approach to Quality Service workshop

How I found out about this learning opportunity: My team lead mentioned it to me last year.  I saved up some funds and even borrowed from my DAXKO friends in order to attend.  It’s pricey.

I give this event a thumbs UP because… I learned the importance of focusing on the customer experience as well as what Disney does to deliver such a memorable experience.  The best part is watching adults dress like Goofy or cartoon villians and acting out those learned principles.

First thing I’ll do at DAXKO based on what I learned: Share what I learned with my teammates

“Aha” moment for me: Each time we had a “field experience”, it was amazing the extent most Disney “cast members” would go to for the benefit of the customer experience.

Who else should check this out: Anyone who cares about their customers’ experience with their organization, products, and services.

When you look me up in 5 years, I…  hope I don’t break out singing the chorus to “It’s a Small World After All” while on the phone with a customer.  Flashback!

Team Notes: DAXKO’s support services team is dedicated to delivering “wow” experiences for our customers. They serve on the frontlines and make life easier for the DAXKO community one call at a time.  Who you gonna call?  Forget GhostBusters… call DAXKO!


Getting Past the Hype – Green Living is Easier Than You Think

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You’ve heard the buzzwords – going green, eco-friendly, sustainable, carbon footprint, etc.  The green movement is a trendy topic, and a Google search on such will throw you into information overload.  Yet, for all that’s being discussed, there’s not a lot of action (at least around our beloved Magic City).

Earlier today, DAXKO hosted a brown bag (made from 100% recycled paper, of course) lunch discussion on living a little greener.  Natalie Kelly, found of MyGreenBirmingham.com helped us cut through the trendy clutter and educated our group on what’s real and faux when it comes to being green.  She offered these eye-opening stats…

  • If everyone in the country elected to buy one package of 100% recycled napkins instead of the non-recycled variety, that act alone would save 1 million trees.
  • If tap water replaced bottled water in the U.S., it would save about $8 billion and prevent 60 million plastic bottles from being discarded everyday.
  • A single fast food order of a hamburger, fries, and soda take 1,500 gallons of water to make.
  • One live nighttime concert event can burn as much electricity as 700 households use all year.
  • The average food item in a grocery store travels 1500-2000 miles to get to store shelves. Locally grown produce usually travels less than 150 miles.

If you’re looking for a credible resource on the topic, check out MyGreenBirmingham.com.  Their articles, links and tips are practical (not fanatical) and smart.  Become an empowered ‘greenie’, get engaged locally, and learn to live a little lighter each day.