Shift to a High-Performance Mindset…

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As we do our best to predict the future years for DAXKO, we continue to have lofty aspirations. Among our expectations is the intent to triple the size of our company over the next five years.

As we march toward that milestone, one thing is for sure – we won’t be able to operate as we do today. The same was certainly true 5 years ago when we were a third the size we are today.  With this future growth, we’ll need to implement new processes and systems that support the increased scale, strengthen our commitment to leadership and professional development to ensure the necessary talent bandwidth, consistently innovate in new and existing markets to maintain or create meaningful differentiation, and much more.

Turning up the heat on operational effectiveness is not new to us.  We have a healthy dose of process, systems, documentation, and know-how in our business already.  This mindset shift is simply a recognition that the target is always moving, and we need to have the willingness and discipline to make the necessary adjustments.

We’ll make this “shift to a high-performance mindset” while at the same time not turning our back on what got us here.  That’s a focus on providing technology and services that contribute significantly to the success of our customers and providing team members with rewarding careers.  This is the foundation of our company culture, which we believe is a fundamental and long-term competitive advantage for us.  A vibrant culture with a focus on customers and team members first increases the chances of becoming a high-performance, execution-minded business.

Not only will our initiatives around execution, accountability, clarity, and focus drive increased growth and profitability, but it will also result in tangible benefits to those two groups of stakeholders.  Our customers will gain from improved, innovative solutions to their greatest pains and opportunities, and our team members will improve their own skillset and be provided with challenging stretch opportunities.

We look forward to tackling this next step in our lifecycle.

7 Traveler’s Tips for a Lucky Holiday

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1. Check in 24 hours ahead so you can also pay for your baggage fees.  The online purchase will save you between $10 – $20 both ways.

2. Pack your tennis shoes/boots/any shoes with “turf” on the soles in a plastic bag.  I use the grocery bags from Wal-Mart so dirt from my shoes doesn’t cake onto my savvy suits.

3. Keep a stash of zip-lock bags in your suitcase.  I am always amazed at how poorly I can judge 3 oz. of liquid until caught in the headlights of TSA.

4. Ditch talking on cell phones while driving!  I was pulled over by a cop in Albany for wishing my grandmother a happy birthday from the road.  It is illegal in many states now to talk/text/anything on a phone unless it’s “hands free.”

5. If you are flying, be prepared!  Book a flight early in the day.  The later the flight, the higher the chance of a delay or canceled flight.

6. If you are traveling cross-country, pack dried fruit, granola, or any hearty and healthy snack.  Many airlines (besides Southwest!) are discontinuing complementary snack service.  Or, you could pack $6 and score a mini-pack of Pringles on US Airways.

7. Pack your sense of humor.  In fact, make sure it’s a carry-on that fits in a 3 X 4 overhead compartment…

Giving Thanks…

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On the eve of Thanksgiving, it gives us all pause to think about what we’re truly thankful for.   On that note, here’s what I’ll do my best to keep in mind throughout this extended holiday weekend…

–We have college football for 4 months every year (12 months if you live in the Southeast like us). For that, I’m thankful.

–I have 3 wonderful kids that in their naivety still believe their dad is as skilled as Lebron James, as powerful as the Governator, and as funny as Amy Poehler. For that, I’m thankful.

–I have a wife that fortunately still hasn’t figured out that I married way up (shhh…don’t tell her). For that, I’m thankful.

–Even though we’re experiencing a major downturn in our economy, opportunities still abound and our best days are certainly ahead. For that, I’m thankful.

–Regardless of the contentious rhetoric and moronic decisions that often come from politicians on both sides of the aisle, we still live in the greatest country the world has ever known. For that, I’m thankful.

–We have the privilege of serving nearly 400 customers in over 1,000 communities in every corner of the country. Those customers are making a real difference in the lives of their members, kids, families, and communities, and we get to play a small part in that work. For that, I’m thankful.

–DAXKO has been blessed with amazing people that are passionate about what they do, truly embrace teamwork, and are a pleasure to work beside every day. For that, I’m thankful.

On behalf of DAXKO, I wish you and yours a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends.

David Gray is the CEO of DAXKO.  Note to readers: His jumpshot looks nothing like what’s offered up by LeBron James, but we’re glad his kids still believe…

A Day in the Life of the DAXKO Traveler

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5:00 am  – Crack open Facebook on iPhone to see how life is going “Central Time”

5:20 am – Turn-on  the news.  Then switch to Robin’s morning team.

6:00 am – Stretch and decide I will do abdominal work later

6:45 am – Get dressed. Why didn’t I bring clothing for Seattle weather?  Do I really want to wear heels?

7:00 am – Drink percolated local hotel coffee

7:10 am – Attempt to follow iPhone directions plus Google Maps printout to training site

7:11 am – Battle 5 lanes of Bellevue/Seattle morning traffic

7:20 am – Arrive at training destination.  Wow.  It is a childcare site.  With children.  Everywhere.

7: 22 am – Meet and greet customers

8:00 am – Start training customers: 9 hours on non-stop best business practices and what our buttons do

5:00 pm – Check email

5:05 pm – Drive into 5 lanes of Bellevue/Seattle afternoon traffic

5:20 pm – Did not hear any restaurant suggestions. Looks like Outback Steakhouse next to Rite Aid.

5:25 pm – When traveling alone during football season, always sit at the bar

5:30 pm – Order Scotch on one tab, dinner on the other

5:32 pm – Ignore comments from loud and tipsy locals

5:45 pm – Engage obvious business traveler in “road warrior tales”

6:15 pm – Attempt to unlock hotel door with car keys

6:17 pm –  Check email and see what I missed at the office

6:30 pm – Surf limited hotel room TV channels for A&E’s reality shows

9:30 pm – Make arrangements for 5 am wake-up call.  No follow-up call necessary.