Life on the Road…

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As a DAXKO Trainer, I spend a lot of time traveling.  You want to know what the road is like?  Here’s a story to give you an idea…

As I drove up to the historic Renaissance hotel in downtown Providence, RI, I noticed a line of perfectly dressed valet men waiting to open my door.  Having help with four weeks-worth of luggage was a true luxury, even if I was accustomed to lugging 30 plus pound bags across America every month.

Valet tip?  Man, I didn’t think about that.  I am a credit card kinda gal and often forget to carry $1 bills for “courtesy” expenses.   Now that I think about it, how am I going to tip the valet team twice a day for 26 consecutive days?  Now that I REALLY think about it, how much will it cost just for the base valet parking in downtown New England?

$30 per day.  For parking.  That comes to $780 for our customer.  Justice had to be served, so I made my way to the manager and asked for a break.  He was willing to work with me, giving me a flat rate of $360 plus a case of beer.  Sold!

My next compromise was with a husky bellhop, who retrieved 18 extra hangers for my closet.  It took me 30 minutes to unpack a month’s worth of business suits, training outfits, and oversized coats to combat the 10 degree snowy weather.  Hmmm, should I have packed three sets of gloves?

The view outside my hotel window was breath taking: each morning I drank one mug of room-brewed coffee and watched the snowfall – a real phenomenon to anyone born and raised in the deep South.  I talked to Mark each morning to retrieve my frozen Kia rental car and prayed he remembered to turn on the heat.

After 26 days, I said my good-byes to the familiar staff.  I gave three pleasure books I completed to the concierge (over 1300 pages of bought-at-the-airport literature) and even offered up a full bag of leftover candy.  I had gained 10,000 hotel points, $10,000 in onsite expenses, and 3 ½ pounds from New England clam chowder.  I also still had an additional $10 in my pocket, because I forgot to get the valet manager his beer….

Life on the road… always interesting.