My First Months as a Daxko Intern

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I’ve always been one of those people who knew what she was going to be.

Ever since I could pick up a crayon, I would create whenever and wherever I could. And ever since I could use a mouse and keyboard, I would create with technology. As a millennial experiencing adolescence in a time where iMacs were becoming commonplace in school systems, my initial curiosity sprouted from my desire to reimagine reality.

Daxko has allowed me the freedom to combine my passion for art and technology in an impactful way. With most of my assignments consisting of graphic design work, something I had no prior confidence in, I feel like I can add a new skill to my résumé now that I’ve designed a few promotional cards and flyers. Additionally, I am pleased I can use my cultivated skills in videography to create and provide promotional footage for the Daxko team.

In just over a month, I feel that I have challenged myself to take initiative with learning as much as I can about the tech industry, ERP systems, and event marketing. I’ve always had an interest in the tech industry, but learning about the products offered by Daxko’s software has piqued my curiosity in how multimillion dollar businesses operate. Coincidentally, the final course of my undergraduate degree is on information systems accounting, so I have been applying my studies on enterprise reporting programs and their growing importance in industries. Furthermore, I have networked and been advised by team members with career positions I aspire to. I have learned a lot from my interaction with the marketing team as to how many dedicated people it takes in making sure an event runs smoothly.

While entering “the real world” is an uncomfortable thought many recent college graduates share, I’ve always felt born ready to face anything the world has to offer me. In a short amount of time, I have experienced an easy transition from the academic setting to the office environment. They really were not kidding when they said it’ll be no time before I feel like I’ve always been part of the Daxko team!

Rebecca J. is a Marketing Events Intern who enjoys photography.

Why are Internships so Important?

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As a soon-to-be college grad, I’m familiar with our worst nightmare – unemployment.  Many of my friends are constantly job hunting and perfecting their resume, but do not realize it’s missing one of the most important things. Work experience! Not just the bold, underlined or italicized section header on your resume, but actual, in-the-field, get-your-hands-dirty work experience. In college, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through internships. My first internship was here at Daxko in 2012, and here I am for round two in 2014! You may be asking yourself, “Why are internships so important?” Here are three reasons you should start searching for your perfect opportunity now.


  • Real-world experience: The classroom teaches the basics, but the internship will teach you so much more.  From industry lingo to the intricacies of Microsoft Office, you’ll gain practical knowledge that will set your resume apart. You’ll also learn more about yourself than you thought possible! Your strengths, your weaknesses and the skills necessary to become a competitive applicant in your job hunt.


  • Networking: If your only connections on LinkedIn are your classmates, your professional network could benefit from expansion.  At Daxko, I work with people who are skilled in their field and involved in their communities.  Not only have they helped me meet other young professionals; I now have excellent references to add to my resume.


  • Expanding your skill set: Two years ago, my skills included writing and the ability to nap anywhere. Today, I have professional experience in a niche field (the wonderful world of email marketing) and am learning HTML, Photoshop and other skills employers value, especially in recent grads.


A high-quality resume will land you the interview, but high-quality work experience will land you the job.  Start searching now for opportunities in your field, and be sure to check our job listings often for your perfect internship.  Have you had success with a past internship? Tell us about it and how it helped you land your first job.

Time for a New Adventure?

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Daxko is growing in several areas creating new opportunities for those who want to join the Daxko Nation.  However, while Daxko is right for many, no one place or job is right for everyone.  So, here are a few tips from someone who’s been on the “other side of the desk” with anyone seeking their next adventure:

  • Look on the inside first!  Don’t assume that just because you don’t have an opening in your current company that interests you, that you have no growth opportunity.  Let the right people know how you want to grow and what you want to do.  Tell folks like company leaders and HR people.  There may be plans on the horizon that they could help position you for.  Volunteer, job shadow or get a mentor in your area of interest and show that interest while cementing your desire to work in that area (or even discovering if it isn’t what you want after all).
  • Find the right place!  Learn about the company you hope to join, before you apply.  Do you share the company’s values and feel connected to their mission?  Then, dig deeper….what is the culture like?  What is the team member experience like?  What kind of work environment do they have?  Know what you want and if the company matches that desire.  Check out the company website, any blogs they may be a part of, search for them on social media, look them up on LinkedIn, and ask current or former team members for their opinions.
  • Find the right role!  For long term success, you need to find the right role in the right company.  If you find a great place you want to work, but work in a position that doesn’t match your talents, skills or desire, then the excitement and joy you experience will quickly fade when you aren’t satisfied with how you are spending your days.  As a recruiter, I’m always glad to hear someone has researched Daxko and feels it is the right place for their next move.  But, I’m disappointed when they can’t tell me why the specific role they have applied for is something they are equally passionate and excited about.  Seek out roles that really speak to you rather than just something that will “get you in the door”.  Sure, you want to have future ambition, but being happy and passionate about what you are doing today is important for your success and the company’s success too!
  • Ask the right questions! The only way you are going to know if this company and role is right for you is if you ask questions at each interview. This will help you make a quick but thoughtful decision should an offer be made.  As a side bonus, it also shows that you are taking the process seriously and you truly are trying to determine if this will be a fit for you.  Trust me, as someone who sees hundreds or thousands of resumes a year, you do not want to be tagged as a “job hopper” because a job or company is not what you had expected it to be.

For more advice, check out our Culture Blog and search for past posts about interviewing, resume writing and other free career advice.  If you think Daxko is the right company for you, be sure to check out our Career Page for current opportunities and to apply.

Kim B. is a Talent Sherpa who thinks sleeping is an underrated activity and tops every sandwich with potato chips.

So many resumes, so little time…

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‘Tis that time of year when we are flooded with resumes from job applications. The holidays are over, spring is around the corner, and you might be thinking to yourself, “Hey, I would love to have a job at Daxko!” (Well, who doesn’t really?!) But before you send in that resume that you have had saved on your computer since college, there are a few things you will need to know that can help get your resume a shiny gold star from a Daxko recruiter.

DISCLAIMER: Every recruiter and manager is different. Everyone has a different opinion on what you should put in a resume. This is our opinion… but we are right.

  • If I can’t read it, I probably won’t. Basically, make your resume easy to read. Don’t use crazy fonts, don’t go too crazy with jazzy symbols and italics/bolding/underlining, and don’t write a small novel under each job that you have had. Give me bullet points with descriptive sentences of your job duties, give me dates (months and years) of when you were at your positions, and keep your information laid out in an organized way.
  • Know a grammar/spelling guru? Have them critique your resume. ‘Nuff said. But while we are at it, any communication you have with a recruiter or hiring manager needs to be re-read and double checked. It is a red flag to me on attention to detail if the candidate uses bad grammar and misspells words. And PS… Spell my name right and spell the company’s name right!
  • Does your email make me blush? If you have an email that is something like ‘’ or ‘’, please change it! It looks terrible on a resume and sometimes I get embarrassed when I have to confirm it out loud. Sign up for a new one and make sure it has your name in it.
  • If you’re not applying to be an actor or model, don’t include a picture. You do not need to include your picture on your resume. I actually run into this a lot. Most of the time, it is not a professional headshot. It is usually a picture that is cut off from a party or something. If I want to see what you look like, I will look you up on Linkedin. And speaking of Linkedin, make sure you are using a professional-looking picture.
  • Tailor it to fit. This is not a one size fits all. CUSTOMIZE your resume to the job you’re applying for. What do I mean? Show off your experience that relates directly to what’s described in the job posting. Use the same keywords. I like to tell people to make your resume “scream” that job so a recruiter like me doesn’t pass it by.

I look forward to reading all of your great looking resumes very soon!

Julie S. loves cold Peanut MnMs and is a Disney Princess masquerading as a Talent Scout at Daxko.