So many resumes, so little time…

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‘Tis that time of year when we are flooded with resumes from job applications. The holidays are over, spring is around the corner, and you might be thinking to yourself, “Hey, I would love to have a job at Daxko!” (Well, who doesn’t really?!) But before you send in that resume that you have had saved on your computer since college, there are a few things you will need to know that can help get your resume a shiny gold star from a Daxko recruiter.

DISCLAIMER: Every recruiter and manager is different. Everyone has a different opinion on what you should put in a resume. This is our opinion… but we are right.

  • If I can’t read it, I probably won’t. Basically, make your resume easy to read. Don’t use crazy fonts, don’t go too crazy with jazzy symbols and italics/bolding/underlining, and don’t write a small novel under each job that you have had. Give me bullet points with descriptive sentences of your job duties, give me dates (months and years) of when you were at your positions, and keep your information laid out in an organized way.
  • Know a grammar/spelling guru? Have them critique your resume. ‘Nuff said. But while we are at it, any communication you have with a recruiter or hiring manager needs to be re-read and double checked. It is a red flag to me on attention to detail if the candidate uses bad grammar and misspells words. And PS… Spell my name right and spell the company’s name right!
  • Does your email make me blush? If you have an email that is something like ‘’ or ‘’, please change it! It looks terrible on a resume and sometimes I get embarrassed when I have to confirm it out loud. Sign up for a new one and make sure it has your name in it.
  • If you’re not applying to be an actor or model, don’t include a picture. You do not need to include your picture on your resume. I actually run into this a lot. Most of the time, it is not a professional headshot. It is usually a picture that is cut off from a party or something. If I want to see what you look like, I will look you up on Linkedin. And speaking of Linkedin, make sure you are using a professional-looking picture.
  • Tailor it to fit. This is not a one size fits all. CUSTOMIZE your resume to the job you’re applying for. What do I mean? Show off your experience that relates directly to what’s described in the job posting. Use the same keywords. I like to tell people to make your resume “scream” that job so a recruiter like me doesn’t pass it by.

I look forward to reading all of your great looking resumes very soon!

Julie S. loves cold Peanut MnMs and is a Disney Princess masquerading as a Talent Scout at Daxko.

My Dream Job Is…

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Growing up, I had dreams of being a veterinarian, archeologist, track star, etc… Of course, it all changed as I got older, but we all had dreams of being something like a firefighter, lawyer, police officer, or astronaut. The sky was the limit! Some of us are still dreaming of what we want to be… Not me, not anymore. I can truly say I am working in my dream job as a Jr. Talent Sherpa and with my dream company, Daxko!

I work with great people and I have access to unlimited caffeine! Those are not the only reasons I consider working at Daxko to be my dream job; there are other Daxko perks I think you should check out… professional development, team member rewards, time off, etc.

Now, this is where I pose a few questions to you: Have you found your dream job? What steps are you taking in searching for that dream job?

You’re probably thinking, “What great questions! I should have asked myself those years ago!” Well now is a great time to start thinking of how you can get your search on for that dream job… And I am here to help! So let’s start by customizing a plan and let’s start with YOU.

  1. Have you thought about reasons you are interested in your dream employer? Let’s say your dream employer is, oh I don’t know… Daxko. Why would you be interested in a company that has been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work in Birmingham”? Think about a few good reasons before you apply and then have the best reason on hand when asked.
  2. Check them out! Follow, like, and slightly stalk even your dream company through social media networks.  We have a strong social media presence at Daxko and we keep our information current on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We even have cool videos and pictures of our Team Members living out their dreams whether singing about their ‘Last Family Lunch’ or dressing as ‘Spider Girl’ on their first day. How cool is it to stay in the know of what’s taking place at Daxko… oh, I mean your dream company.
  3. Lastly, don’t give up. Be persistent and don’t spread yourself too thin. Hone in on companies with which you can see yourself possibly being a lifer. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Revamp your approach. Remember you are not just looking for another job; you are looking for a career. There is truly a difference!

Confessions of a Talent Hunter

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I just celebrated my two-year anniversary.  And it was an all around perfect day: I had my “other half” by my side, we spent the day together, and I was reminded just how lucky I am…

… to work at Daxko.

Yes, it has been exactly two years since I first met Talent Sherpa Concetta L. at The University of Alabama Career Fair when my love for Daxko first began.  And although I have only been an official team member for approximately 5 months, I stayed in contact with Concetta over the past few years before the perfect position became available.  Given my career fair success story, Concetta recently asked me to abandon “the airport” as Air Traffic Controller for the day and join the People Team as a Talent Sherpa Hunter to recruit at the UA Career Fair…where it all began in February of 2010.

Given that I was a graduate student not too long ago, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to see the career fair from “the other side.”  After a day of hunting for UA’s best and brightest, I compiled “Confessions of a Talent Hunter: A Top 10 List” of items that I wish I would have known in college.  College students, this inside scoop is for you

  1. Your resume isn’t just collected and discarded.  At least that’s what I always assumed.  I thought, “How can all of these recruiters remember hundreds of students and keep track of each one?”  Well they do.  And each one has their own method of doing so.  So students, if you think that you can just run into a career fair, throw on a suit, shake some hands, and call it a day, you are mistaken.  You will be remembered.  It’s up to you to leave a positive, lasting impression.
  2. The true conversationalist prevails.  No matter how great your GPA, internships, work experience, etc., if you can’t keep a good conversation going, what recruiter is going to want to take a second look at your loaded resume?  The candidates that stood out to me the most had a lot of energy and enthusiasm, spoke well, and asked solid questions.
  3. Perfect your elevator pitch.  I have to admit, I probably practiced mine several hours before having the courage to approach the Daxko booth.  I was shocked at the number of students who began with the same opening line, “Hi, I’m a junior majoring in ____ and interested in _____,” (then they stared blankly at me).  C’mon folks, you can do better than that.  This is your moment to shine – take advantage of it!
  4. Do your homework.  Nearly every company has a website and a social media presence.  Combined with smart phones, there shouldn’t be any reason why anyone should ask, “What job opportunities do you have available?” or “So you’re a software company, right?”  I was continually impressed with the students who asked me to better explain our portfolio of solutions or asked me to elaborate on the culture that they read about on Daxko Nation.  Trust me, we know when you put in the extra time to research us.
  5. Put your best foot forward.  That means no sloppy outfits, weak hand shakes, or resumes lost in a sea of promotional materials that you received at the neighboring booth.  Come polished and ready to go.
  6. Leave your best friend at home.  It’s great to have friends, but if you want to stand out as a prospect, don’t visit the booths in packs.  A recruiter is much more likely to give the group a company overview, than give you the quality time that you deserve.  Have your friends join you at the state fair, leave them at home for the career fair.
  7. Four years makes a rockstar.  Most of you will spend an average of four years in college – make the most of it!  Are you doing everything that you can to prepare for life after college?  Intern, volunteer, join student organizations, have a part-time job that will give you a valuable skill set for your career path.  You’ll be competing against (sometimes) hundreds of candidates during your job search.  Make sure that you have made the best of your time and graduate ready to rock and roll.
  8. Stand Out! Jazz up your resume, make your overall appearance unique, or find common ground with your recruiter.  The students that stood out to me the most did things that no one else did.  What makes you different?
  9. FOLLOW UP.  Your professors teach you to do this.  If you are from the South, you probably were gifted mongrammed stationery at birth.  Use it!  Only a handful of students will actually take their initial career fair encounter to the next step.  Make sure that’s you!
  10. Did I mention FOLLOW UP?  I’m serious about this one.  I have been known to overnight and FedEx thank you notes before.  If you want to be considered above the rest, do something to make yourself stand out from the rest.

Whitney T. is an Air Traffic Controller known for hunting big game, killer bargains, and wild recipes.

What’s an Exceptional Candidate Experience?

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Just as Daxko strives to provide an exceptional customer experience, Daxko’s People Team strives to provide an exceptional candidate experience for those interested in a career at Daxko.  The job search process is tough enough… we aim to create an experience for job seekers that is efficient, transparent, and downright delightful.  Here’s what we believe in…

  1. Posting descriptive and FUN job profiles.  Work at Daxko is never boring.  Why would the job description be?  We’ll paint an accurate and detailed picture of the role (with flavor!) so you can decide if it’s a career you’re passionate about.
  2. Acknowledging your application.  We may not be able to personally respond to each applicant, but we’ll at least let you know that your resume didn’t vanish into a black hole never to be seen again.
  3. Letting you know what to expect.  We’ll let you know upfront what’s involved in the interview process, when you can expect to hear from us again, and our best guess (it’s a fluid thing, after all) at how long the process will take.  There’s nothing worse than not knowing.
  4. A thorough interview process.  It’s no secret that Daxko has an extensive and selective interview/hiring process.  Why?  Because everything we do hinges on finding the right talent.  Good news for you is that, by the end of the process, you’ll know whether Daxko is right for you.  It’s a win-win!
  5. Breaking the bad news when you didn’t make the cut.  Trust me… these are not conversations we enjoy, but they’re a reality.  We will never leave you wondering, in the words of Heidi Klum, if “you’re in” or “you’re out.”
  6. Offering suggestions for your job search.  If you ask (and sometimes even if you don’t), we’ll offer up free advice for formatting your resume differently, better highlighting your skill set, other companies to consider, job boards/job search tools to check out, etc.  We truly want to help!
  7. Providing ways for you to build your network.  Our recruiters are well-connected – it’s part of the gig.  We invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn and other social media sites to expand your network.  And we’re happy to suggest professional organizations and career assistance groups if you’re interested in hobnobbing.
  8. Keeping top talent in mind for future opportunities.  A lot of companies tell you that they’ll hold onto your resume for future opportunities… but Daxko really does!  If we feel strongly about you as a candidate, we’ll flag your resume for future roles and reach out when there’s an opening.  In fact, we’ve hired lots of folks for jobs other than the one they originally applied for.
  9. Offering a behind-the-scenes look at life at Daxko.  When interviewing with a company, you should know what you’re getting into.  We believe in being transparent and offer lots of looks into life at Daxko.  Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo.  You’ll either be amused or frightened!

Hit us up in the commment section below with other suggestions on providing an exceptional candidate experience…