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How the Boys & Girls Club of Metro South Amplified Its Impact with Daxko

Published On: Sep 17, 2021

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At the Boys & Girls Club of Metro South, kids are their number one priority. As one of Massachusetts’ most prominent Boys & Girl Club groups, Metro South’s two traditional clubhouses and multiple satellite locations serve more than 1,000 kids each day. Camp Riverside, its 450-acre camp, serves another 400 kids per day during summer months.

As CEO and President of Metro South, Derek Heim’s primary goal is to make sure his clubs are making the largest impact possible on kids in the community. A big part of achieving that goal is ensuring that staff is equipped with the tools and resources they need to do their job more efficiently.

“Ultimately, we want to provide them these tools so they can spend more time with our kids, which is where we need them most.” – Derek Heim, CEO and President of Metro South

Heim, who has been with the Boys & Girls Club of Metro South for seven years, describes a situation in which his team was using “archaic systems” to run day-to-day operations like billing, scheduling, and program management. On top of being extremely inefficient, he says each of these processes posed its own set of challenges to staff. He knew if he wanted Metro South to grow and succeed in the long run, they needed a better management solution. That solution came in the form of implementing Daxko Operations, Playerspace, GainsDaxko EngageDaxko AccountingPerformance Analytics, Document Storage, and Scheduling to manage their entire club experience across multiple locations.

“The reality was that in order for our organization to continue to do the great work we’re doing, efficiency is crucial, so we made the decision to move to Daxko,” he says. “We know it’s the Cadillac of software.”

The Right Lens

A big reason Metro South chose Daxko over other software solutions is that Daxko is looking through the “right lens,” Heim says. Program management is the largest component of what Boys & Girls Clubs do. Daxko prioritizes program management so nonprofits can run their programs easier and more efficiently, while other solutions prioritize the wrong aspects of business.

“[Daxko’s] software has been designed for places like the Y, JCC, and Boys & Girls Club.” – Derek Heim, CEO and President of Metro South

Daxko understands what nonprofit organizations need and designs product and capabilities around those needs. For example, Heim says Daxko’s ability to provide reliable reporting and data for everything from bus rosters to nurse’s lists is crucial for ensuring all Metro South’s summer camp kids are safe and accounted for.

Wired for Growth

At the heart of the Boys & Girls Club’s mission is growing their organizations to serve as many kids as possible. Metro South needed a solution that would grow with them and continue to fit their needs as their operations expanded to serve more kids. Daxko’s ability to scale processes, as well as their commitment to innovating to meet the changing needs of nonprofits was a huge draw.

In addition, Heim says, nonprofits globally are becoming more sophisticated every day. “The reporting and data that organizations must show funders and stakeholders today is far different than it was 10 years ago,” he says.

With Daxko’s reporting tools, Metro South is more than ready to prove its impact.

“I believe that by having Daxko, we’re not only going to set the bar for our employees and our staff, but we’re going to show the example and the outputs to our donors and key stakeholders—who are the kids and their parents.” – Derek Heim, CEO and President of Metro South

A Shared Mission

For the Boys & Girls Club of Metro South, every decision they make or action they take is in support of their organizational mission to nurture strong minds, healthy bodies, and community spirit through youth-driven, high-impact programs in safe and fun environments.” Being able to confidently choose a software provider with similar values and a mission to power health and wellness  made all the difference for Metro South.

“We look for partnerships instead of transactional business,” Heim says. “What I envision our relationship with Daxko to be is one of partnership and one of understanding the value of serving young people — and especially young people from disadvantaged and struggling communities — to reach their full potential. It’s clear to me that Daxko believes in those values and believes in what we’re doing, and they’re there to assist us in doing the job that we’re set out to do each and every day.”

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