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Becoming a Paperless Board of Directors

Published On: Apr 1, 2014By

This is a guest post from our friends at BoardEffect.

When transitioning from a paper system of document distribution, going completely paperless can be a significant change, especially when faced with board members who are accustomed to using paper copies of meeting materials. It takes some planning and considerations prior to the rollout, but with proper planning, going paperless can be very successful. If you are considering implementing a paperless board book, here are two things to consider:

  1. Do we have support from the president and senior staff of the organization?Rolling out an online portal and going paperless will work best with 100% support from the president, chair, senior staff, and administrative assistants. With full support from executive staff and the board chair, and a lot of encouragement, your board will be paperless and happy in no time!

TIP: If board members email or call in asking for meeting minutes, an agenda, or other documentation, don’t just email it to them. Coach them to login to the portal and how to find what they need there.

  1. How will this change how my team and I prepare for meetings? Gathering and distributing information requires much less time when you do not have to print and deliver copies. With an online board portal you can set the agenda, ask for feedback, and distribute prior meeting minutes and upcoming board books electronically. Your admin will be happy because they won’t have to print, assemble and mail copies of the books each month, and board members will be happy because they won’t have to haul heavy binders around and will be able to easily access their meeting materials on the go.
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