Daxko Named One of the Best Places to Work in the Country

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Daxko has been named by Great Place to Work® as one of the top 25 best small/medium workplaces in the United States on their annual list. This list is no small accomplishment; the list is published in Fortune magazine and the news broke on Fortune’s online outlet, CNN Money. Not to mention that this is our third time on the list.

Those of our customers who have been to our offices probably already know that Daxko places a huge emphasis on corporate culture. It’s one of the tenets of our company and has even earned a place in the mission statement:

“To provide technology and services that contribute significantly to the success of our customers and to provide Daxko team members with rewarding careers.”

Daxko’s emphasis on culture is something our company leaders often get asked to share with schools and other companies. To learn more about our unique culture, how that impacts our products and our customers, and how you can have a Daxko representative come to speak at your organization, visit our Speakers Bureau.

As the driving force behind our company culture, Daxko CEO Dave Gray explains it best, “We believe that our dedication to our team members through our culture fosters an even stronger commitment to our customers. And, we “believe that better people and better customer interactions always lead to better solutions.”

View the complete list here.

Nonprofits in the News

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Here at Daxko we want to recognize great work and notable happenings in the markets we serve. That is why we have started our newest continuing blog series focused on the weekly news in the member-based nonprofit arena.  Enjoy!

First National Bank of the Gulf Coast announces that it will donate $10,000 to support relief efforts in the wake of the devastating fire that took place Monday at the Greater Naples YMCA.  Read the story here.

Summit Area YMCA in Summit, New Jersey launches Mobile App to provide convenient access to class schedules, program and event updates and more at all three area branches.

The YMCA Anthony Bowen will reopen Monday, September 9th to culminate a lengthy renovation. This renovation is especially important because YMCA Anthony Bowen has such a rich history. It is the first African American YMCA, established in 1853 by its namesake Anthony Bowen, a former slave.

Urban Renewal Comes to Downtown Birmingham

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As many reading this blog probably know, Daxko is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. While not originally from here, I have grown fiercely loyal to my adopted city. So, it is with continual hope that I view the recent great strides this city has made to bring new industry, tourism and beauty to the downtown area. In fact, a recent New York Times article highlighted the urban renewal happening in our dear city. From Railroad Park that borders the rail lines dissecting the north and the south sides of the city to our brand new minor-league baseball stadium to the new funky shops and restaurants along 2nd Avenue south, Birmingham is “reviving the downtown district.”

This success has been a long time coming. In the 1920s, Birmingham was a booming steel town, boasting the “heaviest corner on earth” with the four tallest building in the South at 20th Street and First Avenue North. With the declining need for steel after World War II, the selection of Atlanta as an airport hub, and the civil rights firestorm that enveloped the South, Birmingham lost its way.

But, this story is one of hope. In the 1970s Birmingham found new ways to diversify. It has since become one of the major medical and research centers of the South and found new ways to prosper in the realm of banking.

It took much longer for visitors and residents to come back to downtown for leisure activities. Only recently has Birmingham been able to entice people downtown after business hours. But now, on any given Saturday you can find Birminghamians downtown walking off a big meal at Railroad Park, taking in a game at Region’s Field, or indulging in food, drink, music or all three at Birmingham’s 2nd Avenue district or at the new Westin hotel located close to the convention center and the soon-to-be “Entertainment District.” In addition, the craft beer industry and the food truck trend have both found there way here and are prospering as well.

We at Daxko couldn’t be more proud to be in Birmingham. Many in the Daxko Nation grew up here. I have experienced all these changes as a transplant and I am happy to report my adopted home is thriving.

User Testing at Reach: Uncovering the “Why”

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“It only takes 5 users to uncover 80% of high-level usability problems.”   – Jakob Nielson


Jakob Nielson is often considered the leading expert on usability testing. And, according to Neilson, usability is “a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use. The word ‘usability’ also refers to methods for improving ease-of-use during the design process.”

Daxko tries to incorporate usability and user experience testing as often as we can, but for five of the past nine reach customer conferences, we’ve also had a dedicated Usability Lab where all attendees have the opportunity to provide feedback across a range of our software products. This is an opportunity for our software engineers to work one-on-one with our clients to understand how they use the products every day and how we can make those everyday tasks easier and quicker through software.

Why Usability Testing
In some ways one-on-one qualitative usability testing is more valuable than any survey we could produce and get 100 customer responses. Why? While quantitative testing (i.e. surveys) provides the “what,” qualitative testing (usability testing) provides the “why?”  We learn certain features are not working in a quantitative test but we learn the very important “why” they are not working with qualitative research.

The Daxko Approach
Traditional usability testing can be extremely regimented. At many companies, the end product of a round of usability tests is a bulky, boring report that nobody reads. We don’t want that. Here at Daxko, we take a more agile approach that really fits our company culture. We want to create actionable results, very quickly from our usability tests. We actually take that information straight back to the product teams so they can start prioritizing what needs to happen next.

Prioritize Future Product Functionality
Usability testing helps us prioritize features. Even with a very small sample size, we can quickly get a consensus on not only what the issues are but also what functionality is really needed. We are dedicated to finding the opportunities that will benefit the most customers, and we schedule updates accordingly based on what we find that will help the most people.

Are you going to our Reach user conference this year? Registration closes Sept. 3rd, so It’s not to late to sign up!

If you are going to Reach this year, sign up for our Usability Labs to have a say in the roadmaps for our products in the coming year.

Want to learn more? Check out this blog post on our collaborative design workshop at Reach 2012. And, check back next week to hear more about Daxko’s Reach Usability Labs and read examples of product functionality that has come out of usability testing at Daxko.