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Are you passing out guest passes or passing up opportunities?

Published On: Feb 14, 2014By

Guest passes, whether they are purchased or given as promotional items, are a great way for you to get people into your facility, but too often organizations view them as passes and nothing more. The truth is, guest passes are an excellent tool in the member recruitment process. Make the best use of them so they can provide true value.


If a person wants to purchase a pass, or received a free pass from your organization or from a friend, be sure to gather information from them before they gain access to the facility. Enter their name, email address, interests, and preferences into your system. Not only will you have the guest on file, but you can track any past or future facility usage they may have.


If you have no limit to the number of guest passes you allow and find you have heavy guest pass users, reiterate the value of membership to them. After all, full membership is more convenient than purchasing pass after pass, and paying a recurring fee could keep them motivated and involved.

• Compare the amount the guest is spending monthly on guest passes versus a membership fee.

• Find out if the guest is hesitant to join due to budget concerns, and educate the guest on your financial assistance options.

• Promote your programs to the guest, and let them know full membership means discounted program fees.

• Does your area offer reciprocal memberships? Make sure the guest knows his membership may be good for surrounding facilities.

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