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Accelerate Your Vision Keynote Panel

Published On: Dec 9, 2020By

Insights and vision from leaders in the YMCA Movement

Grateful. Irreverent. Service-Oriented. Transformative. Responsible. 

These are the words used by our Accelerate keynote panelists when asked to describe their association’s vision for the future in one word. Together with Daxko CEO RonLamb, the group kicked off our 2020 Accelerate conference with an incredible discussion on how their YMCAs have continuously adapted and transformed to serve the changing needs of their communities through the pandemic and beyond.

Listen to the recording to hear how your peers are leaving a legacy of changed lives and draw inspiration from their plans to accelerate towards the future.

Keynote Panelists

– Jerry Martin,President & CEO of YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South 

– James Needles,VP, Business Information Technology of YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh

– Jorge Perez, President and Chief Executive Officer of YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

– Steve Ives, CEO at YMCA of Greater Houston

– John Cardone, Executive Vice President Brand Experience of YMCA of Greater Houston

Accelerate Your Vision

As we work toward a brighter future, we’re honored to continue serving the Movement by providing the infrastructure and support needed to accelerate your missions.

We want to support your vision, too! Schedule time with our team to discuss your goals for the new year!

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