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4 Trends You May Not Be Tracking (But Should)

Published On: Jun 18, 2013

Are you aware of everything your operations software can do? And are you using that knowledge to affect your organization’s ability to deliver on its mission? That’s right—we said you can actually find ways to use software to deliver on your mission. Here’s how:

ONE: Drive accountability among new joins and their peers.

Pair up new members with other new members to form a type of fellowship among them. Consider holding classes exclusive to new joins, and giving group tours for them. The “pledge class concept” and the accountability it creates will offset poor retention.

TWO: Have a good grasp of online vs. in-house joins.

Determine if more people are joining your association online or in-house, and then refine. If in-house joins are low, assess the process and ensure it is seamless. Not many people joining online? Make sure the ability to join online, as well register for programs, is clear on your website, and promoted in your marketing materials and emails. Your goal isn’t to discourage folks from coming in, but you do want to make sure they know they can join at any time, anywhere.

THREE: Track the facility usage of scholarship recipients and/or discount groups.

Your organization works hard to make membership accessible to all, so you must engage and support discount recipients to make sure they are getting the most our of their memberships. Monitor low facility users and expose them to everything you also provide from a program standpoint and in the community. If you provide child care at a discounted rate, for example, let them know.

FOUR: Track facility usage to offer incentives.

Utilizing your system’s facility usage report beyond decisions around staffing and programs has the potential to really engage and show you’re listening to members. Have you identified particularly high-traffic times at your facility? Don’t spend money trying to even out facility usage or find a solution to overcrowding. Find ways to incentivize members to come during low-traffic times, such as drawing the names of people who check-in and awarding prizes or discounts.

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