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Nonprofit Wellness Industry Report: 2020 Year in Review + Q1 2021

Published On: May 4, 2021By

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded in March of 2020 and the world was put on hold, the health, wellness, and fitness industry was met with an incredible amount of uncertainty. Overnight, fitness businesses—from YMCAs and JCCs to boutique studios and multipurpose clubs—were shut down with no definite date or plan for reopening.

In the midst of uncharted waters, we sought to provide a resource for fitness businesses to use in navigating their new, ever-changing reality. Businesses needed trusted data to make informed decisions and tackle whatever came next. That’s why we created the Insights x Impact report.

Powered by our own Performance Analytics technology, our monthly report and analysis brokedown the latest fitness industry statistics, empowering organizations to turn insights into action through trusted recommendations.

Nonprofit Wellness Recovery Data

For nonprofit facilities, including YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers, the negative impact of COVID-19 was widespread. Revenue, membership, and check-ins all dropped significantly and maintained downward trajectories for several months. However, by the end of 2020 things were trending back to pre-COVID numbers with revenue at 83% back to normal, check-ins were at 39% back to normal, and membership was at 72% back to normal when compared with 2019.

Despite capacity limitations other pandemic-related restrictions, nonprofit facilities focused on new missions and ways to serve the changing needs of their communities. For example, instead of closing their doors, YMCAs expanded childcare and food services by partnering with food banks, restaurants, churches, and community groups to provide meals for those in need during the pandemic. You also offered childcare for children of essential workers, served as WiFi hubs where children could complete online schooling, sheltered the homeless, and hosted blood drives.

“The Y will continue to meet these challenges and embrace them. We’re focused on arriving at a new reality, not returning to normal or returning to a new normal,” — EO Glen Gunderson, YMCA of the North

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With our monthly reports, you could digest the data while you were living it. Now with 2020 in our past and the promise of the vaccine restoring an old sense of “normal,” we’re able to resurface and contextualize the data at a larger scale.

Divided into reports for three distinct markets encompassing nonprofit organizations, health clubs, and boutique fitness studios, Insights x Impact includes percent-to-normal data on revenue, member check-ins, joins, holds, cancellations, and more, and it’s coupled with valuable insight into the state of the industry.

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