Staying Relevant

By May 2, 2012 2 Comments

I had the pleasure to sit next to David Byrd, CEO of the Y of Greater Kansas City, during dinner. His staff recommended a restaurant called Seasons 52. Imagine dim lighting, stone-cut fireplaces, and wooden paneled floors. Every item on the menu is 475 calories or below, including the crab cakes and filet! I was instantly enchanted – what a cool treat after a long demo day to kick back and sample savory entrees (minus the caloric guilt).

While I remember the cool entrees and flashy server presentations, that evening was memorable for another reason. This was my first interaction with David (at least casually) and I was eager to maximize my time with this Y visionary. I asked him, “So, what is the most exciting change you guys are looking forward to these next few years?” He blinked, then responded perfectly:

“Anne, I don’t care about change. I care about being relevant.”

He then quizzed me on the most popular Y program in the 1950s. I took a guess, “Hmmm, youth sports? No, swimming!” He responded, “Housing residents. Got you there, huh?! But that was the most relevant program of the times. Now things look a little different.”

David made me think about how staying relevant CHANGES. What made Daxko relevant back in 1998 is very different from today. As we reach the outskirts of the Y market and explore new markets (such as hospital wellness centers), we need to ask ourselves: are we relevant to what these folks need today?

At Daxko, your contribution counts. Your ideas count. So keep asking the tough questions and think like a Byrd. What are we doing to STAY relevant in today’s tech-crazy, app-hungry, browser-picky, online-happy, fast-changing environment?

I recommend pondering these questions over a 256 calorie soufflé.

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