So You’re Good at Marketing, huh?

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Some say actions speak louder than words.

I don’t know about you, but I believe your words (and font selection) not only speak for themselves, but for you – your credibility, your business, your professionalism, your tone, and how seriously you take a given matter.

For years, I have been plagued with a recurring statement that drives me insane: Marketing is common sense.  Anyone can do it. (And everyone thinks they’re good at it.)

Why is it that people find themselves equipped with Microsoft Publisher and suddenly deem themselves a marketing representative, or worse…a guru?!

Anyone can make adjustments to a template, spit out 500 copies, and call it an ad (or worse – themselves a designer!), but how many people do it well?  Luckily for me, I am surrounded by a top-notch Marketing Team at Daxko that is oozing with creativity and rockstar skills.  These gals spend hours researching our customers; strategizing and promoting our company; chasing deadlines; packaging and designing materials; hosting and planning events; implementing campaigns; and debating over layouts, cohesive photos, and yes…the perfect font and wording.

And it shows in the companies who place an emphasis on quality marketing; they’re at the forefront of our minds and the “go-tos” in their industry.  It’s no coincidence that Apple, Southwest Airlines, Budweiser, Nike, Geico, etc. have great marketing teams and are also industry leaders with the profitability to prove it.  These companies embrace the importance of a competitive positioning strategy; are adept at communicating vision, ideas, and emotion to key stakeholders; and execute the delicate balance of expertly translating complex business material into methods to effectively reach their target audience. 

They get it.  They value it.  And they also realize that marketing is much more than just a pretty design.

As David Packard, chairman of Hewlett Packard put it, “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.”  Yes, while this team is certainly important, this crew isn’t the only one responsible for marketing.  As stated in REWORK, “Marketing is something everyone in your company should be doing 24/7/365.  Every time you answer the phone, it’s marketing.  Every time someone uses your product, it’s marketing.  Every word on your Web site is marketing.  If you build software, every error message is marketing.”  Marketing isn’t just a couple of components, it’s the sum of everything you do.

Over the years, people have rolled their eyes or scoffed at my educational background in marketing/advertising/public relations.  “Oh, so I bet college was a breeze…” or “You need a degree for that?!”

Their comments are met with smiles. Because the best of the best companies value this skill set.  Sure, they boast everything from flashy websites (we love you, Katie C) to first-rate events (shout out to Melissa W!), but more importantly, they have intricate systems and strategies put into place to effectively reach their customers, communities, and employees on a daily basis.

So you think marketing is not important, huh?  That’s okay.  Because the best companies (and marketing teams) will be laughing at you, your clipart, and Comic Sans all the way to the bank. 

Whitney T. is an Air Traffic Controller known for hunting big game, killer bargains, and wild recipes.

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