It's a BRAND New Day for The Y

YMCA.netAt last weekend’s YMCA General Assembly in Salt Lake City, the YMCA unveiled their new brand identity. Aesthetically speaking, it’s a fresher, simpler, more casual approach. Also, getting a lot of attention from the NY Times, Today Show, etc., is the fact that they’ve now gone down to one letter, referring to themselves as “The Y” (according to NBC Nightly News, The Village People stated, “We are deeply dismayed.”).

More importantly than the changes to the logo and colors, The Y has come out with a clearer articulation of their purpose to strengthen their position as America’s largest charitable organization and to better describe to the public what it is they do.  This purpose is outlined in three focus areas: youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

An intended outcome of the event in Utah and the release of this new brand strategy will be a more consistent communication and execution of The Y’s mission and purpose. Done right, this “one voice” will have the opportunity to drive significant change and positive results in the thousands of communities they serve.

I for one am excited about the potential.

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