Trends & Opportunities Survey: Major Gifts

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Daxko surveys executives and professionals in the member-based nonprofit market annually to find out their biggest challenges and successes from the prior year. For our 2014 Trends & Opportunities Survey we had 288 respondents, 84% of which were executives. Organizations of various sizes participated in the survey, with operating revenues ranging from less than $1,000,000 to greater than $30,000,000. Here we dig deeper into the results for major gifts.

Leveraging relationships of board members and staff members tops out as the main methods for identifying prospects for major gifts ($1,000+). Still, digging deep with current donors and elevating gift values must play a big role.

“A major gifts program is the most cost-effective fundraising strategy,” according to Julie Sistrunk, Daxko T2 Consulting Direct of Financial Development. “Major gifts provide the greatest return on investment with 80-90% retention on these important gifts.”

Download 2014 Trends & Opportunities Survey Results

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Product News – Member Audits with the YMCA of San Francisco

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We’re going to try something new here. We partner with many organizations that are using Daxko products in new or different ways, and we want to share them with you.  We hope you learn something new or that these posts spur ideas on how you can take your organization to the next level.

First up, our friends at the YMCA of San Francisco are using Daxko Engage for internal member audits.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at the YMCA of San Francisco.

My name is Jawanza Barial-Lumumba and I am the Association Membership System Auditor for the YMCA of San Francisco. I have worked for YMCAs along the west coast for the last 12 years, in Camp, Membership, and Administrative departments. In my current role, I provide support for our Membership Directors and Admin Directors by helping them develop and uphold policies and procedures, training their staff, and collaborating with them to ensure that are policies best reinforce a powerful and moving member experience. Additionally, I do a lot of background work to send out member communications, develop and share reports, and am the lifeline to staff when they have questions or issues revolving around Daxko.

Why do you use Daxko Engage for Internal Membership Audits?

There have been a ton of benefits associated with the use of Daxko Engage. We are currently monitoring our member rate changes via Engage (i.e.: when Young Adults age into Adults and when Adults age into Seniors). The automated emails assist with sending information to members individually instead of all in bulk, Engage allows us to monitor if emails have been opened and allow us to do additional follow-up if necessary, and it helps us to monitor if staff related errors occur. Ideally, if more data sources were available, Engage could replace the other mass emails we send out via other service provides. Currently, we send out emails for our Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual members, our members on hold, and members with expiring financial assistance – hopefully Engage will advance to a place where we can utilize it for those functions as well.

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Daxko Nation Spotlight on Community: Alex S.

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The Daxko Nation Spotlight highlights the character and varied interests of Daxko Team Members outside of the office. Check out some of the ways members of the Daxko Nation are engaging with their communities.

Please, introduce yourself!
Alex S., Product Manager

Tell us about some of the things you do when you’re not at work.
I volunteer in marketing for ProductCamp Atlanta, a collaborative, participant-organized professional unconference focused on product management, marketing, and user experience topics.

If you had to choose three words to describe these volunteer activities, what would they be?Impactful, informative,rewarding