How to Hire Right for Engagement

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The most sustainable nonprofits have talented teams. Have you considered that your staff must be engaged before they can effectively engage members? Staff engagement starts during the hiring process. Associations with successful engagement programs say it has changed the way they hire. Even when you have all the right people in place, it is important to continuously engage your staff just as you would your members to get the best outcomes. Here are some staff engagement ideas featured in Entrepreneur from Dwight Merriman (founder of several successful startups):

  1. Ensure that those you hire understand your mission at the outset — those that understand the mission will be a better fit for the long haul
  2. Foster collaboration between staff — open huddles and team meetings encourage collaboration and engagement
  3. Educate staff regularly – when people feel they are growing and learning they stay connected
  4. Be transparent to build trust – communicating the good, the bad, and the ugly encourages open communication and engagement

Staff engagement stays top of mind at the YMCA of Florida’s First Coast. It’s a big part of the overall engagement strategy. Kathy Cannon heads up their engagement efforts and she fosters engagement with her team by facilitating a staff huddle twice a day to talk about training topics and highlight engagement achievements at the branch. The team also devotes 10 minutes to “Connections” (discussing connections with members) at their bi-weekly staff meetings and they regularly involve branches that are seeing the most success in team trainings to spread good habits across the association. The team there has a laser focus on quality interactions. Thanks to a strategic engagement plan and consistent tracking, the team doubled interactions logged from 3% of all check-ins to nearly 6% of all check-ins (that represents an increase of nearly 3,000  interactions per month!)

This is an excerpt from our recent Engagement Insights Report. You can view or download the full report on the Insights Report page.

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My First Month at Daxko

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I’m sure if you read this blog, you’ve heard a good bit about all the perks of working at Daxko. From Family Lunches, to quality (free!) coffees and teas, to laid back atmosphere and dress, it’s all great stuff, for sure. But I think the part that floors me is not the deliberate efforts that have been made to that end, but the cumulative effect of all those little things (and probably some great hiring instincts). What I mean is that the collaborative environment here is like nothing I’ve experienced anywhere else!

In a past job, work friends and I would make a joke about there being a “cult of no,” where the default response any time you asked someone outside your team for something was “No, I can’t help you.” Too busy, too much red tape, etc. Daxko, on the other hand, is like a cult of YES! People here go out of their way to help out and teach you; and when they can’t help you, they give you a smile and point you in the right direction to get more help. Heck, on the day I waited in the lobby for my first interview time, no less than 4 separate groups of people stopped on the stairs to introduce themselves and make sure someone was coming to get me.

I guess it’s hard to explain, but I’m really just impressed with the attitude and demeanor of the #DaxkoNation. This is the kind of professional environment I’ve always wanted to be a part of.

Shaun S. is a Software Engineer who enjoys vacationing at Lake Tahoe.

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Socratic Stairways

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I blinked and missed it, but someone told me the other day that I’ve been at Daxko for over a year now. I consulted the horoscopes, broke out the charts and double checked on the abacus – turns out, they weren’t wrong. The math adds up.

I don’t say this jokingly: I really was surprised by how long it has been. People will ask me how long I’ve been working there and I’ll stop, think a moment and casually mention that it’s been ‘probably eight months or so now.’ A few moments will pass and I’ll think, no, wait, it’s been ten months. Oh no, it’s been twelve. It’s been…wow. Where did it go? By the time you guys are reading this, it will have been thirteen months since I’ve started working there.

This makes me an expert, of sorts. An expert in knowing that I know very, very little.

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a bias in which people who are relatively unskilled at something believe themselves to be the exact opposite: they will assess their abilities to be much higher than it really is. In the same way, a particularly skilled person might underestimate their capabilities or erroneously assume that whatever it is they are very good at is simply easy for everyone.

This same thing applies to holding knowledge about specific subjects. I thought that I was so smart at Child Care setup, for example, until a few days ago. Someone called in with a few simple questions that ended up exploding into a myriad of technical questions, putting us so far down the rabbit hole that I waved as we passed Alice by.

I’ll spare you the details. An intense dive into the system later, we emerged victorious, the understanding of Child Care laid out before us. This beast, this behemoth that we had vanquished with but a phone call, no longer posed a threat to us. We got off the phone, both very happy in the knowledge we gained.

I imagine I will continue to be pleased with myself until the next time someone asks such probing questions about the subject, thus starting the process once again.

It’s in this way that my first year was spent at Daxko, learning so much and having so much left to learn. Climbing to the top of the stairs, only to realize that there are still so many more stairways left to ascend.

McKee S. is a Customer Success Warlock who loves playing video games and kickin’ around a hacky sack.


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My First Months as a Daxko Intern

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I’ve always been one of those people who knew what she was going to be.

Ever since I could pick up a crayon, I would create whenever and wherever I could. And ever since I could use a mouse and keyboard, I would create with technology. As a millennial experiencing adolescence in a time where iMacs were becoming commonplace in school systems, my initial curiosity sprouted from my desire to reimagine reality.

Daxko has allowed me the freedom to combine my passion for art and technology in an impactful way. With most of my assignments consisting of graphic design work, something I had no prior confidence in, I feel like I can add a new skill to my résumé now that I’ve designed a few promotional cards and flyers. Additionally, I am pleased I can use my cultivated skills in videography to create and provide promotional footage for the Daxko team.

In just over a month, I feel that I have challenged myself to take initiative with learning as much as I can about the tech industry, ERP systems, and event marketing. I’ve always had an interest in the tech industry, but learning about the products offered by Daxko’s software has piqued my curiosity in how multimillion dollar businesses operate. Coincidentally, the final course of my undergraduate degree is on information systems accounting, so I have been applying my studies on enterprise reporting programs and their growing importance in industries. Furthermore, I have networked and been advised by team members with career positions I aspire to. I have learned a lot from my interaction with the marketing team as to how many dedicated people it takes in making sure an event runs smoothly.

While entering “the real world” is an uncomfortable thought many recent college graduates share, I’ve always felt born ready to face anything the world has to offer me. In a short amount of time, I have experienced an easy transition from the academic setting to the office environment. They really were not kidding when they said it’ll be no time before I feel like I’ve always been part of the Daxko team!

Rebecca J. is a Marketing Events Intern who enjoys photography.