Taking Corporate Memberships Online

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For years YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers have concentrated their centers around pockets of population. This is logical thinking since the biggest predictor of those who actually attend their current fitness facility is convenience according to the 2014  Nielson Consumer Exercise Trends Survey. However, this poses an interesting dilemma for corporate members since employees don’t always live near a facility or work predictable hours.

Member-based nonprofits would like to attract more corporate members and a secondary online wellness experience would help them do that by providing a chance for corporations to improve their employee wellness in partnership with a YMCA, JCC, or community center no matter where they live or their work hours. This additional membership option would also appeal to:

  • Those who can’t attend classes at a set time but still want that group exercise “experience”
  • Busy professionals who want to get back into the game but don’t have a lot of time
  • Corporate members that don’t live near a facility
  • Parents with kids who need to schedule fitness around their childcare schedules.

We don’t see this solution as a detriment to traditional memberships, in fact, a strong virtual offering can enhance and nurture your facility memberships. Take, for example, a corporate member that works near a facility but doesn’t live near one. A virtual wellness experience makes a great addition and allows them to work out close to work on days they are at the office and and at home on other days. It can include things like branded videos, content, fitness advice and a virtual trainer.

A good online option is one that is “sticky” or includes features that will really engage participants. For example, a goal-focused option provides an initial wellness assessment that includes a basic fitness test and a measurable way to track improvements over time. A good online option also includes features a member can’t normally get with a traditional membership like personalized meal plans and shopping lists. Including the nutrition component of wellness makes taking their membership into the virtual world an attractive option that expands a traditional facility or corporate membership.

Ready to take the next step? Daxko is piloting an online membership option for organizations like yours. Contact us to learn more.


How Non-traditional Competition will Impact the Future of Membership

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For a long time YMCAs, JCCs, and community-centers have faced increasing competition from for-profit clubs. The new wellness landscape has become even more complex with younger demographic groups (you know who you are millennials) spurring trends like boutique chains like Pure BarreOrange Theory, and CrossFit, experiential races like Tough Mudder and Color Run, YouTube fitness celebs like Blogilates, or even newer virtual solutions from old players like Jillian Michaels and Weight Watchers.

Non-traditional competition deserves a forward-thinkng solution. At Daxko, we are committed to providing technology that supports our customers as they face these new challenges. We’ve done a lot of research on the future of membership and we are currently testing a potential solution for our customers. More on that in the months to come. Along the way, here’s what we’ve learned that will help member-based nonprofits differentiate themselves from the pack.

1. Play up the mission – Use your nonprofit status as a differentiator. Promote the causes that you champion and that their membership supports. Work to be specific too. According to a Millennial Marketing blog post, specific cause-driven examples are more effective at spurring millennials into action than vague pleas to “make a difference” or donate money for no specific purpose. Emphasize a special charitable or outreach program that is particularly successful for your center. Finding one program that really speaks to the types of charitable work you do so you can help your members understand the mission in a more direct way.

2. Build a communityJeff Fromme from writes, “millennials value a communal environment…[and]millennials are taking their desire to be social into the fitness arena.” For member-based nonprofits, it helps if your member community exists both in the real and digital realms. Creating a virtual community of members working towards similar wellness goals is something Daxko is working towards to provide flexible wellness and fitness communities for the future of membership.

3. Be flexible – According to the 2014 Neilson Global Consumer Exercise Trends Survey 82% of gym members also exercise at home. Millennials are busier than ever and they are looking for options that fit into their lifestyle. Exercising at home is a great supplement to a membership. Offering a virtual solution that provides an online wellness community and quality online fitness classes is a must to reach this generation. Ys, Js, and community centers can solidify their appeal with this demographic by offering options in and outside the facility walls.

At Daxko we are working to reimagine membership with technology tools that will enable you to live your mission in new ways by meeting your members wherever they happen to be and supporting them whatever their interests. Be sure to check our blog for new topics related to future products and industry topics for member-based nonprofits.

april presenting


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If you haven’t tuned in or heard before, at Daxko we hold a monthly TMD (Team Member Development) series where have different speakers or watch helpful videos on developing and improving our careers. This month team members gathered to watch a video presentation by Ann-Marie Slaughter focused on balance career and caring in our lives.

April B. opened the door to discussions about ideas around creating the balance of career and caring.  Here are some thoughts and ideas discussed in the video and afterwards by team members that the awesome Deeanna S. captured for all of us:


Flexible Workplace: Work from home, go home when necessary. The issue isn’t flexibility, but that there is a stigma associated with taking advantage of flexibility.
Customizable Workplace: Why can’t we think of a customized workplace? Sit down with someone and customize what you want your career path to be.
Collaborative Workplace: Care enough to ask what is going on in other people’s lives; trust makes people tell you what is going on, makes them willing to collaborate.
Creative Workplace: Creativity does not happen if you’re “on” 24/7. Creative people need down time.
Productive Workplace:  “Results Only Work Environment” (ROWE) – you can work wherever, whenever, as long as your produce specific results. Countries that invest in their people are more successful as a whole.

These values and approaches are something we identify with at Daxko. Creating a culture focused on people and outcomes really helps us enjoy what we do here.

Also, here’s a link provided by April B. that goes deeper into what Ann-Marie Slaughter discusses as well as a video towards the bottom.



More Staff Engagement with Members at Pikes Peak

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I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ariella Franco, the Member Experience Director at the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado Springs, CO about the work they’ve been doing with Daxko Engage. Franco mentioned that her YMCA has recently acquired some new centers that effectively doubled the size of their association. “There aren’t enough hours in the day for us to reach out to everyone. We needed a resource and Daxko Engage was that resource for us.”

When asked about the decision to go with Daxko Engage, Franco said, “We needed a connection with members that was more consistent and more systematic. We didn’t have a way to really target people before. We offer new members a fitness goal setting appointment and we wanted to take that and extend that out to create more touch points with our members.”

Franco explained what first intrigued her about Daxko Engage, “It was exciting from the perspective of being able to see your members as they scan into your facility and the integration with Daxko Operations. Daxko Engage offers a pleasing interface and it’s easy to use.” She said the ability to give different roles access to the same information was appealing and would allow staff to build off of other interactions with a member. The YMCA staff “should be engaging with members and non-members with the same information.”

As for examples of benefits of using Daxko Engage, Franco said, “With Engage we really can look to see how new members are doing and now we know more about them. We’ve added a 30-day phone call that didn’t happen before we implemented Daxko Engage. During that call we can prompt members that haven’t used their fitness appointment to sign up and we have noticed an increase in those appointments. Daxko Engage is really the best tool for this type of systematic communication,” said Franco.

Finally, Franco had some advice for those looking to launch Daxko Engage. She urges new Daxko Engage users to set up some time to talk with other successful Daxko Engage users and find out how they have found the most success with the software.  That way, “before your association launches, you can have some solid initiatives in place.” She also mentions that once you have initiatives that will help you train your staff on specifics that will apply to their day-to-day tasks.