Selling in the Daxko Nation

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Senior Vice President of Sales, Jonathan Blackburn led a TMD session last week to give us a glimpse into Daxko’s sales process. Think sales is all wine-and-dine or golf after 3pm? Think again. It takes integrity and value to win business partners.

  • They work hard for the money. There aren’t set hours. There are office hours, travel hours, conference hours, my-proposal-is-due-tomorrow hours and those tricky, end-of-month/quarter/year hours.
  • It’s a balancing act. It all starts with weekly metrics for calls and appointments. Those activities generate a series of follow-up items to create, log and track. In Salesforce. In Outlook. And your forecast. Starting to see progress? Rethink that long coffee break and plan a rinse and repeat cycle instead. You’ll thank yourself for it later.
  • There’s a method to the madness. A good sales process is the cornerstone of a successful sales team. There are a series of steps in the process, each having a specific objective and set of action items. Ideally, each step should be mutually beneficial and logically lead to the next step.
  • Listen and learn.  If your parents taught you that it’s important to consider the needs of others, they taught you an excellent life skill. It’s also the most crucial skill for a sales person to practice. Your needs will never be more important than your prospect’s needs.
  • It takes a village. Everyone in the organization plays a role in our sales efforts. It takes a magical mix of the right people on each team, products that bring value to our markets, seamless implementations and excellent customer service for us to be successful. When we announce a new business partner we’re letting every team member know that their contribution matters.

Amy M. is an Inside Sales Executive who believes a little organization, 2 cups of coffee and a cupcake can fix just about anything.


Grazie, Daxko!

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One of Daxko’s greatest perks is the month-long paid sabbatical each team member receives after seven years in the Daxko Nation. I am one of the “old-timers” who is coming up on my second sabbatical…yep, that’s 14 years with the same company. And I took my job with Daxko as Director of Marketing thinking I’d be in it for two-three years max. So what changed?

First of all, I love a challenge, and the early years were definitely challenging. I also love the feeling of winning, and after some years of clawing our way into a market, we were winning. In fact, when I took my first sabbatical in 2007, we were signing on more customers than our top three competitors combined. 

As Dave likes to remind us, as we grow, it doesn’t get easier. In fact, the challenges multiply! So there are more hills to climb, and more celebrations to be had when we win—every year. 

But it’s not just the challenges and winning that keep me at Daxko. There are a few other really important factors that keep me engaged. 

At the top of that list? I love the people I work with, and not just the people on my team. When I run into team members in the elevator, at the coffee machine, or at family lunch, they aren’t griping about problems or workload or their team lead. They are interested in hearing what’s going on with me, my team, my work, my family, and my life. That makes a tremendous difference! 

Next on my list is the opportunity. During my 14 years I have had a constant stream of new “job assignments” that allow me to expand my skills, tackle new problems, find new ways to bring value to customers. With those assignments come rewards and lots of “self satisfaction.” 

Finally, there’s a vision in place that I am totally bought into. We are building a significant tech company in Birmingham that has afforded hundreds of team members to have career-defining moments. Our culture is evolving into an ever-richer environment of innovation and value creation for the customers we serve. And our portfolio of solutions is expanding to deliver meaningful impact on communities, beyond back-office efficiency and into the realm of real growth and expansion. It feels great to be a part of that. 

As I prepare for my second sabbatical, it’s truly a time for reflection on where I’ve been, why it’s meaningful, and what the next years will look like for me. I am sure that a month in Italy is going to provide plenty of inspiration! 

Grazie, Daxko, for making that possible. Ciao! 


Member Engagement: 3 Tips to Get Started

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To communicate with your members effectively, it helps to know how engaged they are. The message for a highly engaged member is going to look different from the message for a member who is not engaged.

We have come up with 3 tips to help coordinate a community and member engagement program. Prioritizing the members that need to hear from you the most as well as identifying a targeted message will help you see greater success in engagement.

  1. Define Member Engagement Metrics
    Consistently measuring the same engagement metrics allows you to make smarter decisions about communicating with your members. Some of the most important metrics are: frequency of attendance, program participation, volunteer status, and donor history.
  2. Apply Metrics Across Your Membership
    Now that you’ve identified your metrics, you need to apply them across your entire organization. Utilizing a tool to quickly identify members with different engagement levels will help you hone in on the ones that require immediate action.
  3. Prioritize your Message and Activities
    Members that are more likely to terminate (not actively taking advantage of their membership) should receive a personal call to set up a facility tour or an email showcasing all that your organization has to offer, as well as easy ways to get involved.Members that are involved could receive a targeted message explaining the mission of the YMCA. This audience is a potentially untapped pool of volunteers and donors.

Engagement-Index-FullDaxko Engage software now offers an Engagement Index which includes not just the engagement parameters outlined above, but also takes into account demographics and even seasonal factors that can effect membership. Users know at a glance which members are at risk and which members just need a little boost in the right direction.


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