Happiness Inside & Out

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On June 23 President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama held a White House Summit on working families.

President Obama Speaks at the Working Families Summit

This summit was designed to focus on how we can strengthen our nation’s workplaces to better support working families, boost businesses’ bottom lines, and ensure America’s global economic competitiveness in the coming decades.

President Obama gave a rousing speech defining the problem, a lack in support for working families, and his plan for addressing this. Within this speech he stated, concerning working parents, “if they need to bring their mom to the doctor or take an afternoon off to see their kid’s school play, it would mean them losing income that they can’t afford to lose. And even when working from home from time to time is doable, it’s often not an option — even though studies show that flexibility makes workers happier and helps companies lower turnover and raise productivity.”

I am proud to say that Daxko has embraced the philosophy that flexible scheduling and plush benefits strengthen team members happiness, dedication, and productivity. Daxko is recognized for providing innovative benefits that celebrate Daxko’s culture, promotes healthy living, encourages continuous learning, and helps team members achieve their personal and professional goals.

As an example within the past couple weeks I have had a couple of scheduling conflicts with my typical 8-5 hours, I’ve had a sick child to care for, and a commitment to be involved in my churches VBS program to fulfill, both of which fell within the typical work hours. Without hesitation Daxko accommodated to my schedule by allowing me to shift my schedule and enabled me to be a caring father and active member of my church.

I love this company and am loyal to it because long before the President’s summit Daxko strategically created a company that enables team members to make significant impact within a fulfilling career and also to promote their happiness and success outside of the Daxko walls.

Chad S. is a Production Support Engineer who sees the cup as always half full- because the drinks are free!


Why are Internships so Important?

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As a soon-to-be college grad, I’m familiar with our worst nightmare – unemployment.  Many of my friends are constantly job hunting and perfecting their resume, but do not realize it’s missing one of the most important things. Work experience! Not just the bold, underlined or italicized section header on your resume, but actual, in-the-field, get-your-hands-dirty work experience. In college, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through internships. My first internship was here at Daxko in 2012, and here I am for round two in 2014! You may be asking yourself, “Why are internships so important?” Here are three reasons you should start searching for your perfect opportunity now.


  • Real-world experience: The classroom teaches the basics, but the internship will teach you so much more.  From industry lingo to the intricacies of Microsoft Office, you’ll gain practical knowledge that will set your resume apart. You’ll also learn more about yourself than you thought possible! Your strengths, your weaknesses and the skills necessary to become a competitive applicant in your job hunt.


  • Networking: If your only connections on LinkedIn are your classmates, your professional network could benefit from expansion.  At Daxko, I work with people who are skilled in their field and involved in their communities.  Not only have they helped me meet other young professionals; I now have excellent references to add to my resume.


  • Expanding your skill set: Two years ago, my skills included writing and the ability to nap anywhere. Today, I have professional experience in a niche field (the wonderful world of email marketing) and am learning HTML, Photoshop and other skills employers value, especially in recent grads.


A high-quality resume will land you the interview, but high-quality work experience will land you the job.  Start searching now for opportunities in your field, and be sure to check our job listings often for your perfect internship.  Have you had success with a past internship? Tell us about it and how it helped you land your first job.


Teamwork & Collaboration Secrets from Inside Daxko

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Synergistic Teamwork is ingrained in our Daxko DNA. We hire to it and strive for it. As a member of the marketing team, one may work with sales, customer success, product strategy, and the people teams—all on any given day. As part of our ongoing team leadership training, my fellow marketers and I wanted to make sure we were operating at the top of our game when it came to teamwork. I recently sat down with about a dozen of Daxko’s top cross-team collaborators to learn their secrets for working their best with others. Here’s a summary of the common themes that I brought back to my team:

Build Rapport

  • Get to know them on a personal level, like over lunch or coffee.
  • Do your homework and tailor your approach. What makes them tick? What are their Strengths, DiSC, or MBTI? Communication styles? Motivators?
  • Communicate as much as possible face to face. Don’t rely too much on HipChat (internal instant messenger) or email.

The Golden Rule Still Applies

  • Be courteous of their time, workload, and priorities.
  • Don’t interrupt when you think you know the answer. Listening > Talking.
  • Be receptive of different perspectives and ways of thinking.
  • Be upfront and genuine.
  • Give as much information in a meeting invite as possible. For remote team members, book their meeting room for them, too.
  • Ask for advice and help. People like to feel that their expertise is valued.

Holding Others Accountable Doesn’t Have to Be Awkward

  • Look at what you’re working on together as a company goal. What ramifications will it have on Daxko and our customers if you don’t solve it together?
  • Give ownership in the project and a reasonable timeframe to complete it. Let them be creative in the way they approach it.
  • Set clear expectation, action items, deadlines, and when you’ll discuss progress towards the goal as a team.
  • If there’s a problem with the person you are working with, go directly to them first to try and resolve it. Use their team lead as a last resort.

What tips do you have to share in cross-team collaboration? We’d love to hear from you!

Lisa H. is Director of Go-to-Market Strategy, and she thinks that Chex Mix and a Coke is the breakfast of champions.