Daxko Nation Spotlight on Community: Alex S.

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The Daxko Nation Spotlight highlights the character and varied interests of Daxko Team Members outside of the office. Check out some of the ways members of the Daxko Nation are engaging with their communities.

Please, introduce yourself!
Alex S., Product Manager

Tell us about some of the things you do when you’re not at work.
I volunteer in marketing for ProductCamp Atlanta, a collaborative, participant-organized professional unconference focused on product management, marketing, and user experience topics.

If you had to choose three words to describe these volunteer activities, what would they be?Impactful, informative,rewarding


Becoming a Paperless Board of Directors

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This is a guest post from our friends at BoardEffect.

When transitioning from a paper system of document distribution, going completely paperless can be a significant change, especially when faced with board members who are accustomed to using paper copies of meeting materials.

It takes some planning and considerations prior to the rollout, but with proper planning, going paperless can be very successful. If you are considering implementing a paperless board book, here are two things to consider:

  1. Do we have support from the president and senior staff of the organization?
    Rolling out an online portal and going paperless will work best with 100% support from the president, chair, senior staff, and administrative assistants. With full support from executive staff and the board chair, and a lot of encouragement, your board will be paperless and happy in no time!TIP: If board members email or call in asking for meeting minutes, an agenda, or other documentation, don’t just email it to them. Coach them to login to the portal and how to find what they need there.

  3. How will this change how my team and I prepare for meetings?
    Gathering and distributing information requires much less time when you do not have to print and deliver copies. With an online board portal you can set the agenda, ask for feedback, and distribute prior meeting minutes and upcoming board books electronically.Your admin will be happy because they won’t have to print, assemble and mail copies of the books each month, and board members will be happy because they won’t have to haul heavy binders around and will be able to easily access their meeting materials on the go.

Happiness Inside & Out

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On June 23 President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama held a White House Summit on working families.

President Obama Speaks at the Working Families Summit

This summit was designed to focus on how we can strengthen our nation’s workplaces to better support working families, boost businesses’ bottom lines, and ensure America’s global economic competitiveness in the coming decades.

President Obama gave a rousing speech defining the problem, a lack in support for working families, and his plan for addressing this. Within this speech he stated, concerning working parents, “if they need to bring their mom to the doctor or take an afternoon off to see their kid’s school play, it would mean them losing income that they can’t afford to lose. And even when working from home from time to time is doable, it’s often not an option — even though studies show that flexibility makes workers happier and helps companies lower turnover and raise productivity.”

I am proud to say that Daxko has embraced the philosophy that flexible scheduling and plush benefits strengthen team members happiness, dedication, and productivity. Daxko is recognized for providing innovative benefits that celebrate Daxko’s culture, promotes healthy living, encourages continuous learning, and helps team members achieve their personal and professional goals.

As an example within the past couple weeks I have had a couple of scheduling conflicts with my typical 8-5 hours, I’ve had a sick child to care for, and a commitment to be involved in my churches VBS program to fulfill, both of which fell within the typical work hours. Without hesitation Daxko accommodated to my schedule by allowing me to shift my schedule and enabled me to be a caring father and active member of my church.

I love this company and am loyal to it because long before the President’s summit Daxko strategically created a company that enables team members to make significant impact within a fulfilling career and also to promote their happiness and success outside of the Daxko walls.

Chad S. is a Production Support Engineer who sees the cup as always half full- because the drinks are free!