Are you Gambling with Your Member Data?

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Spam is defined as “to send the same message indiscriminately to (large number of recipients) on the internet.” It’s also short for “spiced ham” representing a common brand name for a canned meat product but that is for a different story. We are talking about the email kind of spam and your members don’t like it.

It has come to our attention that some software vendors will take advantage of YOUR members or program participants by using their information to promote other unrelated products or services. This is bad business and it can hurt your membership in the long run. Members that are spammed with unrelated services by the parent company of a software vendor may choose to terminate their relationship with your organization.

We work very hard to ensure Daxko customer contact information is only used by the YMCA, JCC, or community center where it belongs. We never contact members without the permission of their member organization and we NEVER sell them products or services unrelated to their membership.

When someone signs up for a membership at your center they expect their contact information to be used only for the purposes of that membership or by that center. Here are some tips to avoid having your member data used for the wrong purposes by a vendor:

1. Research that vendor thoroughly. Do they have complaints though the Better Business Bureau? You can usually find their information on their headquarter city Better Business Bureau website.

2. What about other online reviews?  Yelp is a good source of company reviews. A simple google search can often produce signs that they have been embroiled in litigation due to bad business practices.

3. Talk to other customers. Have they had instances of members feeling burned because of their relationship with a vendor?

You work hard to gain your member’s trust, don’t risk losing that trust by engaging the wrong vendor. Do your research to protect your member data prior to signing on with a vendor.


Get More Members to Open Your Emails, Tips from the Pros

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The Delivery Services team at Daxko works around the clock to drive member engagement through targeted initiatives delivered through Daxko Engage. We work closely with customers to design initiatives using email, text, and Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) that drive engagement and involvement in the YMCAs, JCCs, and community nonprofit organizations we serve. We send a fair share of member emails and we’ve done a ton of research on what drives members to open and engage with emails from their local YMCA, JCC, or community center.

Here are some tips based on research from organizations like yours to get your members more engaged with your emails:

  1. The subject line is key. Play around with different ones and study what works and what doesn’t. Questions tend to do well, but don’t use them exclusively. An effective subject line piques interest without feeling “sales-y.”
  2. Make use of good segmentation – be sure you are delivering the right content to the right person at the right time.
  3. Think about timing – get emails to readers’ inboxes when they are likely to open them. Tuesday through Thursday evenings are typically a sweet spot. Avoid emails on weekends and stay away from holidays.
  4. Content, content, content!  Over the long term, the best way to see better open rates is to deliver emails that people want to read. It’s about good, relevant content. Ultimately, it’s also about content they can trust.

When you work with your team to improve email open rates, start with the subject line. Testing out more engaging subject lines (things like using members’ names, asking questions like “Remember Why you Joined the Y?” for low-performing new member emails.)  Clearer and more direct emails also tend to perform better. We focus on providing simple emails that have fewer things to read and click so we can be intentional about how we communicate to members on behalf of our customers.

Hopefully these tips will get you thinking. A good email strategy and conversation with your team is important to see continual improvement and real member engagement.  Looking for a good plan to improve your email strategy?  See this post outlining a 3 Step Process to Improve Member Emails.


3 Step Process to Improve Member Emails

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The Delivery Services team at Daxko works every day to drive member engagement via targeted initiatives delivered through Daxko Engage. We work closely with customers to design initiatives using email, text, and Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) that drive engagement and involvement in the YMCAs, JCCs, and community nonprofit organizations we serve.

We are constantly searching for ways to improve our initiatives, whether that’s through creating new content, adjusting timing, or augmenting how we segment our contact lists. Recently, the Delivery Services team worked to improve our New Member Engagement emails because we wanted to see higher open rates and click-through rates. We want the emails we send to be something members find useful and look forward to receiving. To that end, we have added some new items like fitness-related quick tips. We also monitor our customer’s presence (via their websites, social media, etc.) to make sure our emails include the same news, promotions, and events that our customers are talking about.

If you are looking to up the ante on the emails your organization sends to members, what is a good process to take for improving?

  1. Approach improvements as a team. We target lower-performing initiatives, decide what we would like to increase, and build our individual team goals around making that happen. Oftentimes this starts with a brainstorm-type process where we compile possible content tweaks and improvements and then hone in on what we will test in our emails.
  2. If you are happy with the results of your tweaks, then make changes on a wider scale.
  3. Outside of the projects where you are looking to improve specific metrics, try to keep a pulse on the state of digital marketing trends and best practices. It’s hard to stay ahead of the curve if you aren’t looking at what is coming next.

At Daxko, we have an entire team devoted to helping customers engage and retain members. Our Delivery Services team designs initiatives delivered through Daxko Engage that are designed to touch each point in the member lifecycle, from prospective members, steady members, and at-risk members. Taken as a comprehensive marketing plan, the Member Impact initiatives drive engagement and retention.

Looking for more specific tips to improve member emails? Read here about 5 Tips to Do Email Right

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Daxko TMD: True Life: Confessions of a Design Doctor

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Whitney Taylor, our “Air Traffic Controller” who makes everything happen was nice enough to give us a run down on how to make your presentations and slides not be terrible. With matching slides and outfit, she gave all who attended some great tips on rocking your next presentation.

Here are few points she discussed
-“Bullets are for guns, not presentations”
-Keep topics to one idea per slide
-Your visuals shouldn’t run the show
-2-3 fonts max
-Avoid Clipart, and utilize icons
-“Text is like calories, cut it wherever you can.”

Artistic Anecdotes
-“Put a drop shadow on it!”
-Character spacing makes for a clean look
-Use shapes!
-Convert photos to black and white and use bright colors for a “pop”

And here are some of the resources that she shared with us:
-For slide inspiration:
-For color palettes:
-For free fonts:
-What I didn’t mention:
-Great book or professional development opportunity 

This was a stellar TMD with a lot of great quick take-aways. Thanks again, Whitney!